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Benefits and Tips for Hiring Freelance Article Writers in India

All the above points when put together will help you hire genuine article writers from India. So begin your search today and pick the best out of thousands .

Many people need to and want to hire article writers to write website content for their online business. But due to many options available today they get confused and tend to make a wrong choice. Here are few tips for hiring reliable, and professional freelance article writers in India to get true value for your online marketing campaign.

Today various popular job sites are flooded with advertisements such as - "Freelance Journalist wanted from India" or "Indian writers wanted"

The reason why such advertisements for hiring freelance article writers from India are flooding Craigslist, Quicker,, and even banner advertisements often popping up on Google and Yahoo sites during related searches is because the Indian subcontinent has more highly educated English speakers than any other country, outnumbering people in western Europe. This huge number is a compelling reason why content buyers the world over seem to be targeting India for hiring writers.

Moreover, thousands of article writers in India are willing to work for writing rates lower than the standard writing rates in the UK or the US, where there are unions for accredited freelance journalists that help determine minimum wages and decent writing fees for article writing, news writing, and interview based write-ups, e-books and many other genres of writing. So, the lack of a standard pay scale for article writing rates for Indian freelance writers is a major reason for globalcontent buyers wanting to hire Indian writers as most charge an affordable rate for an SEO article.

Also, living in India is pretty affordable too. At least when compared to living standards in most countries in the West. It is strongly believed that a couple of million dollars in the bank is all that is required to live in luxury in India!! So, it's a no-brainer actually why Internet Marketers the world over love outsourcing writing projects to India.

Content buyers keen on online business success are advised to apply the following strategies for making a smart hiring decision for quality article writers in India!!

1. Make time out for a telephone conversation, or voice chat to help determine if you are dealing with a genuine English speaking writer, or just an article broker. Keep a keen ear out for the grammatical errors that invariably crop up in a business conversation with a non-native speaker.

2. Avoid hiring writers that can't hold a decent conversation about your project writing needs, the subject area, how they will deliver the content and those who don't even ask about your target audience, marketing goal and budget! Likewise, those article writers who don't let you get a word in edgewise; good writers are also good listeners.

3. Narrow down on an eager professional who is interested in your business, project goals, knowledgeable about the actual article writing process and can demonstrate the writing style required for your assignment!

4. To ensure you hire experienced freelance journalists from India whose first language is English and who understand the ethics of writing, not to mention SEO techniques that are vital to online writing success, since keyword rich articles drive web traffic, check their credentials.


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