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Download Job Management Mobile App to Manage your Tasks More Efficiently on a Single Platform

If you are looking forward to offer the best services to your customers managing their tasks in real time with efficiency the task manager android download app is the best solutions for all your requirements. This app allows you to create jobs from the customer requests and assign them directly to the support staff on mobile as chat conversations. You can then start chatting with the supervisors to monitor the job and escalations of the requests using the chat application that allows you to constantly keep in touch with the supervisors regarding the status of the job. The task manager makes it easy to form internal groups to chat and it becomes possible to communicate effectively on the job status, updates and reroute the work. Once the task is completed it automatically gets updated in the application.

The task manager android download app allows you to create tasks on the mobile either to self-assign or to individuals and groups along with creating a task leader and chat about the progress of the work through mobile. It is also possible to add participants and delete participants for the project and also change leader all through the chat application. It is also possible to handle multiple tasks by filtering tasks on priority or projects and can also get a 360 degree view on all the tasks.

The job management mobile app makes it simple to manage jobs by accepting and assign and reassign the open jobs to the support staff. The support staff can register for the open jobs and also receive updates and reassign notifications to complete the jobs on time. The job management mobile app makes it simple to register the customer based request and assign them directly to the supervisors through mobile without the necessary of even sending it through an email.

Similarly, the customer service chat app also coverts the emails received from the customers into chat messages and automatically into jobs that can be assigned directly to the supervisor staff who, according to the service standards reassign the jobs and get it done in the best manner. By using the task manager android download application, it becomes easy to register the customer and email requests, convert them into tasks, assign, supervise & reassign and complete the task all on a single chat based platform with the smooth flow of information in real time, online and instant meet the customer expectation’s.

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