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Different Types Of Mobile Displays Available These Days

The technology employed in mobile displays in today’s Smartphones has developed considerably. In the age of touchscreen smartphones, the display technology has turned out to be the not just the most unique feature but also its main selling points. Not just we wish the touchscreens to provide vibrant image, crisp text, blur free video and adequate brightness, we wish them at a low cost as well. Clearly, there’re many options accessible in the marketplace, but the point comprehends what you’re being provided with. Let’s talk about different LCD screen available today:

TFT LCD technology:

The TFT LCD technology is the most typical display technology employed in smartphones. It provides superior picture quality & higher resolution in comparison to earlier generation of LCD displays. Nevertheless, TFT mobile displays use a lot of power resulting poor battery life. Since this technology is economical to makers, these are most generally discovered on budget feature phones and smartphones.


This technology provides superior display quality in comparison to the TFT LCD display. The great thing regarding IPS LCD is that it provides enhanced viewing angles & uses less energy. Because of higher prices, it’s discovered only on high end smartphones like Apple and iPhone.

OLED Display:

OLED display technology is much superior to LCD display due to its superb color reproduction, quicker response time, wider viewing angles, extremely light weight and higher brightness. OLED displays are brighter in comparison to LEDs and don’t need backlighting like LCDs, therefore they consume less energy than LCDs.

AMOLED Display:

AMOLED displays possess all the qualities of an OLED screen like great color reproduction, quicker response time, higher brightness, wider viewing angles and light weight.

Super AMOLED display technology:

It is the advanced edition of AMOLED display. Super AMOLED displays are constructed with capacitive touch sensors on the screen itself. These displays are also much more responsive in comparison to AMOLED screen. Samsung has already took it's SMOLED screen to next levels by developing Super AMOLED+, HD Super AMOLED+ and FHD Super AMOLED+ screens.

ColorBoost display:

Color boosts is Moto’s marketing jargon for their new screen. Though it now employs LCD displays, the organization customized its panels to match the diffusion of OLED displays whilst sustaining the superior accomplishment of LCD. It is somewhere in the middle ground.

Keep in mind, LCD replacement is a costly affair, so choose your service provider wisely to keep the cost under control. In conclusion, the above mentioned descriptions will definitely help you to make your next smartphone shopping a wise investment.


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