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How to Fix Corrupted SD Card without Photo Loss

SD Card or Micro SD Memory Card Got Corrupted
"Hi, my 1GB SanDisk Micro SD card got corrupted while being used on my Nikon digital camera during a holiday in Washington.
I have inserted it into several card readers and my Windows 7 computer just keeps reporting it is not formatted. The photo data backups also prove to be failed. Do you have any suggestion to recover photos from corrupted camera SD card? Thanks."
"Hello, guys there! I had a corrupted SD memory card that said it needed to be formatted on my Samsung Galaxy android mobile. I just cannot view any of the phone pictures, SMS and documents stored on this memory card. And, I had already tried several free data recovery tools out there and none of them took satisfying photo recovery results. Do you have any idea to fix damaged SD card and also rescue memory card files? Thank you in advance!"
Hello, friends! You’d mention more details of your corrupted SD card next time so that we can have more information to see whether it is only an unsupported RAW file system issue which often could be fixed easily with a quick format. And, now, no matter whether your SD card is really damaged due to the related RAW format or not formatted error or the like logical damaged card problems, you are supposed to try corrupted SD card photo recovery software to take chances.

How to Recover Damaged SD Memory Card Photos and Files?
In most cases, no matter whether your camera or cell phone SD memory card is really corrupted seriously, in order not to lose any original songs, messages, images and files, you are supposed to perform SD card file recovery there before you start to fix this SD memory card corruption problems. Hence, do not format, rewrite or drop or discard this Micro SD or SD storage card and go download SD card deleted file recovery utilities to get your data back.
Please Note: Go try some free ones or trial versions to do free evaluations before you really pay for an effective file recovery program.

How to Fix Corrupted SD Card?
Under such circumstances, as with corrupted SD card, you often can easily format the damaged original SD card to let it workable again after you do a smooth photo recovery there. What you are supposed to do is only insert this SD card to your PC and do a quick format or full format there. And, if this "corrupted" SD card is only damaged by potential viruses, also remember to run your antivirus software. But, if this camera or phone SD memory card is corrupted or failed completely, the SD card file recovery agencies could be your last chances. But, there is no sure that everything deleted or lost will be completely rescued back.

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