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Why Morocco Enthralls Tourists From All Over The World?

Visiting the desert country of Morocco has been fantasy of mine since my childhood when I used to read a lot of history. I have always wished to ride a camel, explore the desert land, wonder in the maze like medinas and drink mint tea with the Berbers. One morning as I stood overlooking the Sahara, peeping at the musical, rolling dunes of the desert land, I came to know that my fantasy had come into reality.

If you ask me what are my favorite moments during the holiday tours in Morocco, here is what I have to say:

Trekking the Atlas Mountains:

The grand Atlas Mountains covers majority of Morocco and I spent a considerable amount of time in the middle, low and high parts of the range. My favorite part was when we traversed the High Atlas range, climbing for an hour to reach a small farmhouse, where we stayed the night with a local family (who cooked us the tastiest tagine dinner and Berber omelet of the trip).

The Sahara Desert:

The Sahara Desert is the prime attraction of Morocco. In Merzouga you can see the highest dunes and Morocco is a relatively safe destination to travel in comparison with the other countries where the desert occupies large parts of their territories.

Majorelle Garden:

Created by the French painter Jacques Majorelle but later the home of the designer Yves Saint-Laurent, this garden is a beautiful masterpiece combining oriental colors and exotic plants.

Walk in the medina:

Walking in the medina can be trully challenging for a lady. But the feeling of treasure hunting makes you feel fascinated in front of all these vibrant babush slippers, spices, jewelry pieces, leather bags, tasty foods & freshly baked bread. There are hundreds of items that you can pick from, many of them hand-crafted.

Discovering Volubilis:

A major trading center and the southernmost settlement during Roman times, Volubilis is one of the best preserved (and least frequented) such ruins in the world. I found it empty of tourists, not built up, and open in a way that really lets you get up close and see the structures without being behind ten feet of barriers and jostled by crowds. Most of the city is still unexcavated so the site has a very raw feel to it. I’ve been to a lot of Roman ruins in my travels, but I love this one the best.

Travel Packages to Morocco can’t be completed without adding these above mentioned things. Be it morocco cultural tours or sightseeing tour, you are going to have the time of your life here in this country.


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