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Data Recovery Command Prompt

Best alternative instead of command prompt for lost data recovery from hard disk, external hard drive, USB flash drive and memory card.

How to Recover Files Using Command Prompt?
Command Prompt, namely CMD or cmd.exe, is a command that can be executed in Windows operating system. People can run command line in different Windows to accomplish various tasks. Then, some people begin to think if it is possible to run CMD to recover files. Well, I have tried all command on Windows. It is able to perform command like format, delete or clean using command prompt, but it cannot help recover data.

Can You Restore Deleted Files Using Command Line?
I tried to delete some files from a hard disk drive and empty recycle bin. Then, I tried to launch CMD for deleted file recovery but failed. There is no command available for any deleted file recovery running command line.

Can You Recover Data after Format with CMD?
I also tried to recover files from a formatted drive with CMD, but also failed. When I run CMD, I realized that it is only able to perform format command on a drive, but cannot recover files after formatting.

Command Prompt for Error Fix
Based on my test, command prompt has no ability to recover data in any file loss situation. However, you can run cmd.exe to fix some errors like:
1. Convert RAW to NTFS / FAT32 using command prompt
2. Run CMD to fix bad sectors
3. Show hidden files on any media with help of command line
This page shows details on how to run command prompt to fix different problems: Command prompt for data recovery

Data Recovery without CMD
Although it is able to fix some problems using CMD, you need to use third-party data recovery software if you want to recover any data.
iCare Data Recovery is a Windows-based PC data recovery program for data recovery in all data loss cases. You can free download this software from:

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