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Sensual Activity with a Sore Manhood: Helpful Hints

This is hardly a news flash, but most men are wired for sensual activity – a lot of it. But what is a dude to do when the opportunity for coupling arises and he is stuck with a sore manhood? Unless the pain is really intense, most bros are going to soldier on and find some way to work around the soreness. And not just because he is all primed for the joys that come with sensual activity; he may also be concerned about disappointing his partner or blowing his first chance with someone he’d like to couple with on a regular basis. Since male organ care is a concern for most guys, here are some hints to use when deciding to take the plunge and have sensual activity despite a sore manhood.

The cause

First, it’s important for a guy to verify why he has a sore manhood. Hopefully, it’s just sore from overuse or being treated aggressively. If a guy has a lot of sensual activity in a short period of time, it’s natural that the male organ muscles should ache a bit. Alternatively, he may not have had a great frequency of sensual activity, but perhaps the last time or two were really rough – really pleasurable but with a lot of friction. (And, of course, in either case both partner-based sensual activity and self-pleasuring should be considered.)

Sometimes, however, there can be other reasons, such as a social disease – in which case, the man needs to see a doctor and get treatment (and avoid having partner sensual activity until he knows it is safe). In intact men, it could be an issue with the prepuce not retracting or getting stuck behind the glans. Some member skin allergies may also cause soreness.


Assuming that good old everyday soreness is indeed the culprit, here are a few hints to help the dedicated sensual enthusiast soldier on despite his sore manhood.

• Pamper it. Take some time to try to ease the soreness in advance of meeting up with a partner. Take a warm (not hot) towel and wrap it around the male organ. Afterward, apply a soothing crème to the entire area. Massage the crème into the member, but avoid the temptation to continue massaging.

• Employ lubrication. A sore manhood needs to make his penetrative entrance as smoothly as possible, so be sure to apply lubricant before making the final move. However, also be aware that some lubricants go heavy on fragrances or harsh chemicals, which will only exacerbate soreness. Pick a product that is gentle to the member skin.

• Consider a barrier protection. For some guys, a barrier protection helps cut down on the friction and thereby avoids irritating the sore manhood. However, others find that the tightness adds to the soreness. It may be wise to experiment with wearing barrier protection in advance to see if this is an option to pursue.

• Focus on pre-penetrative activity. Pre-penetrative activity is always important, but when the manhood is sore and needs to penetrate as smoothly as possible, it becomes even more crucial.

These hints may help a man successfully engage in sensual activity with a sore manhood, but the truth is he may be even sorer afterward. He should use a first rate male organ health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin) to help address this. Soothing relief can be had if the crème contains a pair of potent moisturizing agents, such as Shea butter and vitamin E, which help repair damaged and dry member skin. The same crème needs to also include vitamin B5, which also goes by the name pantothenic acid. Vitamin B5 is excellent at protecting cell metabolism and keeping manhood tissue healthy and better able to withstand vigorous activity.

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