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Natural Cure For Hemorrhoids To Treat Internal And External Piles Safely

Inflamed veins in or near the anal hollow is referred as hemorrhoids. Hemorrhoid can affect a person of any age but is common in people who are aged. Chronic spraining during bowel movements, lack of fiber, constipation and long time sitting on the toilet are some of the causes of hemorrhoids. Tumor in the pelvis and pregnancy are also the causes of this particular health problem. Natural cure for hemorrhoids is available in the form of herbal remedies now. They help to treat internal and external piles.

Hemorrhoids may appear externally or internally. Internal hemorrhoids are found inside and the external ones are found on the outer layer. Both forms of hemorrhoids result in loss of blood after the bowel movement, pain, irritation and discomfort as well. External hemorrhoids are painful and they cause swelling, itching and irritation. Normally the signs of external hemorrhoids are very common because of irritation on the skin. An internal hemorrhoid appears inside the rectum. As they do not cause much pain many people do not recognize it, but internal hemorrhoid may also cause blood loss when irritated.

Hemorrhoids usually go away without any treatment but there are few things which can help the people suffering from this problem to treat with less pain and discomfort. You can use Pilesgon capsules to treat internal and external piles. It is the best natural cure for hemorrhoids at present. This is a complete herbal product and very beneficial in treating hemorrhoids. Along with using Pilesgon capsules you should also try few things like wearing loose clothing especially undergarments. You should make sure to use soft toilet papers and instead of wiping you should just daub. You should wash the affected area gently and apply petroleum jelly which is good for the skin. Sitting in warm water several times every day can also bring a great relief from the pain. You should eat fiber rich food and plenty of vegetables and fruits and keep yourself well hydrated in order to prevent constipation.

Pilesgon herbal supplements are prepared for getting quick relief from the hemorrhoid problem. This herbal and natural pill is a complete herbal product so there are no side effects of using it. This particular herbal supplement prevents symptoms of hemorrhoids like burning, itching and bleeding while sitting or walking. This herbal remedy can be used by the person of any gender and age.

Herbal ingredients used in these supplements are hemsagar, kalijiri, nagkesar, kttha, rasaunt, khun shosha, indrajau, ritha, ayapana, haritaki and shudh takan. It is highly recommended to take this supplement on regular basis for at least 3 to 4 months for getting better results.

Intake of liquids can help in treating constipation and hemorrhoids since they help to pass bowels easily. Vegetables, fruits and cereals should be included in your diet daily since they contain high fiber content. Diet can be beneficial for people who face the problem of constipation or hemorrhoids on frequent basis. A diet enriched with fiber is helpful such people, but these changes should be made slowly. Sudden change may have negative effect on your digestive system.


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