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How To Remove Toxins From Liver At Home In A Cost Effective Manner?

Liver is considered as a large chemical factory of our body and gets tired in cleaning the toxins. It is the largest and heaviest internal organ of human body. It also needs an overhaul like any other machine. Knowingly or unknowingly, we tax our liver with loads of toxins. Apart from this, junk food, alcohol, tobacco, processed food etc., burden the liver.

Causes of liver toxicity are as follows:

1. Heavy consumption of alcohol over many years.
2. Over-the-counter pain relievers.
3. Some herbs and supplements, if taken in large quantities.
4. Exposure to industrial chemicals.
5. Excess consumption of junk food, carbonated drinks, tobacco and processed food.

Symptoms of liver toxicity:

1. Paleness of skin
2. Loss of appetite
3. Rashes
4. Weight loss
5. Abdominal pain
6. Dark colored urine
7. Itching.

Tips to remove liver toxicity at home in a cost effective manner:

Here are some tips on how to remove toxins from liver:

1. Garlic contains sulphur compounds that can help to activate enzymes in the liver. It contains allicin and selenium, which are both good for liver protection.

2. Turmeric is a powerful spice with a long list of benefits, which not only protect the liver from damage, but also encourage regeneration of liver cells. It aids in keeping the body toxin free.

3. Citrus fruits like lemons, lime, grapefruit etc., contain very high amount of vitamin C, which helps to stimulate the liver and aids the synthesizing of toxic materials into substances that can be absorbed by water. Warm lemon water is a great way to detox your liver every single morning.

4. Green leafy veggies such as spinach are extremely high in plant chlorophyll that absorbs environmental toxin; neutralize heavy metals, chemicals which lower the burden on the liver.

5. Livoplus capsules are herbal liver cleanse formula that work wonder for cleansing and for ensuring the healthy functioning of liver. It helps in eliminating the harmful toxins from the body. These capsules help to stay healthy and active as unwanted toxins are effectively removed.

6. Green tea is full of antioxidants known as catechins, a compound known to assist healthy functioning of liver. Consumption of green tea twice a day on a regular basis helps in eliminating and detoxifying the toxins from the liver.

7. It is rightly said that an apple a day keeps a doctor away. Apples are high in pectin and other chemicals, essential for cleansing and releasing the toxin from the liver.

8. Other effective ways are:

a) Drink plenty of water to stay away from toxins.

b) Avoid carbonated drinks, junk and processed food.

c) Eat lots of fresh seasonal fruits and green vegetables.

d) Cilantro is a versatile herb, which helps to remove heavy metals from the body.

e) Eat avocados a nutrient-dense super food.

f) Switch to alternative grains such as quinoa, millet and buckwheat.

g) Consume organic oil like olive, hemp and flaxseed oil.


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