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What Makes Helicopter Tour In Nepal So Unique?

Do you’ve limited time in your hand, but still you wish to cherish the incredible natural beauty of Nepal? If yes, then a helicopter tour in Nepal is undoubtedly the best ever option available for you. Within a short span of time, one can get to the terrain of the snow-capped & dazzling mountain peaks, nearly inside touching proximity to these spectacles of nature, very close to the stunning wildlife habitat, fly over the serene hills & gorges and experience different other miracles of the nature.

Why select a helicopter tour in Nepal?

Time is no doubt the basic aspect behind the cause majority of the travellers mull over the alternative of helicopter tour in Nepal. Usually, it happens that people don’t have adequate time to get to the place they want, yet they’ve a strong carve for that. This is where a helicopter tour comes to play.

People also prefer helicopter tour due to the unique experience it offers. Pleasurable & exciting airspace voyage through helicopter tour in Nepal is embarked upon to discover the enormousness of the mighty Himalayas, to fly over the lush-green gorges of hills, awe-inspiring sceneries of rural and urban areas, bird-eye view of the culturally and architecturally important sites, heritages and others.

Ignoring physical difficulty yet being awarded with the lifetime memory is yet another reason why people choose Nepal helicopter tour. If you’ve issues with discovering the uneven landscape in the Himalaya, arduous routes in the isolated areas, adjusting to the thin-air & have some health-associated problems that stop you from boarding on much desired hiking trip to the lap of the grand Himalayas.

What to expect on a Nepal helicopter tour?

A lot of excitement, thrill and beauty are waiting for you. From witnessing the grand Himalayas & other summits, lakes and rivers to the vibrant & dense forests with so much wildlife diversity, Nepal helicopter tour offers the travellers with incredible experiences.

Expect a stop at Kalapatthar if you want to land in the lap of Mt Everest. You also can expect to fly to the divine pilgrimage of Muktinath (that blends in Hindu & Buddhist culture), discover the adjacent areas & fly back to Kathmandu valley.

Fly over the colorful Kathmandu valley for a sightseeing of the medieval legacies of architectural excellence, marvel the bird's-eye view of the stunning lakes & mountains in the beautiful Pokhara valley, get to the home of wild & tropical vegetation of Chitwan & explore the other interesting destinations in a short span of time. A jungle safari tour in Nepal can also be possible alongside a helicopter tour.


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