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Top 4 Places To Add Into Your Kathmandu Luxury Tour

Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal is a noisy yet colorful city packed with history, palaces and shrines, and it is also inside touching distance of Nepal’s major attraction, the grand Himalaya. Kathmandu is also entrance to the rest of Nepal – in particular the temple-tastic Patan, the serene Bhaktapur, and the famous Chitwan National Park.

If you are in Kathmandu what to add into your Kathmandu luxury tour, here is our guide:

Soak in the views at Swayambhu: Tourists and pilgrims both come to mount the 300 odd steps guiding to Swayambhu, the splendid old golden stupa from which fabulous 360 degree vista over the city & across Kathmandu Valley can be seen. Approximately 1500 years old & flooded with Buddhist symbol, Swayambhu is a crucial sight when you are in Kathmandu. It is often known as the “Monkey Temple”, and you will spot many primates battling over the unwanted cans of Red Bull & other stuff inappropriate for monkey consumption.

Pay a trip to Durbar Square: You simply can’t think about going for Nepal luxury holidays without a trip to the Durbar Square. This must visit plaza located in the middle of the old town is packed with the gothic spiritual & regal buildings, scattered with sadhus, vegetable hawkers,retailers selling candy floss on massive sticks and people bunched on the steps of the many-tiered decorated structures, witnessing the world go by. Durbar Square was once the home of the Shah & Malla kings, and its past magnificence is still deeply resonant at present.

Take in suburb in Patan: Earlier known as “ Lalitpur”, the sophisticated suburbia of Patan was formerly a completely autonomous monarchy. It is also an important artistic & cultural hub, recognized for an opulence metalwork history, proof of which can be noticed in the abounding shrines & old homes in Patan’s own, less touristy Durbar Square. Full of wood carvings and stone sculptures, the Patan Museum is well worth a stop.

Plan a day tour to Bhaktapur: Bhaktapur, a tiny town approximately 10kms from Kathmandu is popular for its numerous varied shrines. Nevertheless, the most remarkable is the 5-storey Nyatapola Temple, the highest temple in Nepal built throughout the time period of King Bhupatindra Malla. The north chamber of the square is home to the famous Royal Palce, through which tourists able to access the Golden Gate, and the National Art Gallery, with a widespread selection of Tantric cloth portraits.

So when you are planning to travel Nepal and enjoy all these beautiful things are on offer?


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