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Synchronize Files and Backup Your Data with FreeFileSync

Synchronizing files can be done between different folders either on the same storage device or separate ones or even across a network. This enables to keep the files in sync in both locations. There are many situations when this is desirable, but the most common reason people use software to synchronize folders and files is to keep a copy of data for the purposes of backup. If one storage device fails or data is lost for any other reason, there will always be a backup copy which you can use to restore lost data. Regularly synchronizing folders and files will help to greatly reduce the risk of losing important data. Fortunately, there is a free solutions out there which allows to synchronize your files: FreeFileSync.

FreeFileSync provides you with everything you need to compare data stored in different folders and synchronize data between them to ensure that the most recent versions of files are always in both locations. It offers a highly optimized and user-friendly interface as well as impressively fast performance. Best of all, however, FreeFileSync is completely free and it does not compromise on quality. FreeFileSync allows you to synchronize folders with ease thanks to its intuitive interface without the needless complexities found in many other similar solutions. In spite of its excellent ease of use, the software also provides many extra features which make it ideal for use by IT professionals as well as just casual users.

FreeFileSync automatically detects files and folders which have been renamed in both locations and reports the details it finds. More advanced features which are often only found in paid solutions include the ability to copy locked files by using the volume shadow copy service, compare files bitwise and synchronize files between both Windows- and Linux-based systems and much more. Environment variables used by Windows, such as %USERPROFILE% (the directory containing your Windows user account files) are expanded. The fail-safe file copying techniques provided ensure that no data is lost in the event of a connection failure or various other hardware or software problems. FreeFileSync is also ready to use in multilingual environments where you need to synchronize folders and files with file names in languages and scripts other than standard English and the Latin alphabet.

If you need a complete file and folder synchronization utility which is easy to use, packed full of extremely useful features and completely free, then FreeFileSync is the ideal solution. The software is also open-source and frequently updated and improved. To facilitate custom synchronization scenarios and tailor FreeFileSync to your needs, you can use built-in macros for time and date and many others. Synchronization may also be carried out as an automated batch job, saving you even more time and avoiding the risk of human error.

FreeFileSync is a bug-free solution with full-time support available and you still don't have to pay a cent. To find out more or to download the software today, visit .


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