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Visit The Biggest Slums In The World - Dharavi Slum Tour

Dharavi – One of the biggest slum in the world is not only home to a lot of people, but also a home to small scale industries, business production units and factories, but above all it the home to the hope of the people that they can achieve something in the world. Being one of the most productive slums, which exports goods not only all around India but also across the globe, Dharavi has an annual turnover of around 1 Billion U.S Dollars.

When you go on a Dharavi Slum Tour , you observe that the slum is separated in two parts one being industrial whereas the other being residential.

The industrial part encompasses around 7000 businesses and around 15,000 single-room factories, with hardworking people and some of them working almost 20 hours per day. It has become a small world in its own, with thousands of citizens working. Some of the most common businesses that can be observed are pottery, leather, plastic, steel etc. It can also be seen that these small businesses reuse everything they possibly can to produce something new.

The most mesmerising characteristic of Dharavi is the close work-place relationship, where every inch of land is being used to produce something new by reusing. All work done is manual without the hi-tech equipment.

With the population of nearly one million people, there are residents present from all parts of India, becoming the densest place in the world. The slum locals haven’t seen the outside world and they only understand life in Dharavi. The diversity among the residents is apparent as the temples, mosques, churches and pagodas all stand side by side.

To truly understand the how it all works together in such a compact space, a person must go on a Dharavi Slum Tour . It not only allows us to experience a completely new side to Mumbai but also leaves you inspired when you first-hand witness what the true meaning of hard-work is.


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