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12 Tools Used By Best Seo Companies In India

To get ranked in search engine, you may find it difficult as there is a number of Best SEO Companies India offering same services or products. So to be on top and get success in the digital world, Search Engine Optimization is an effective tool that draws a huge amount of traffic to websites. There are many SEO companies offering you the affordable and best SEO services in India. In search engine optimization, several strategies need to be performed to rank high in search result pages. There are many tools that will help you to run your search engine optimization campaign successfully. Some of them are:
1. Google Keyword Planner: Keywords is the basic element of search engines. Keyword Planner is the most useful and powerful tool to find keywords as it shows all the keywords that are being searched by users and Also it’s from Google. We can easily build campaign insights by checking competition and monthly searches.
2. Ping O Matic: It helps in increasing traffic to the website by sharing it to another relevant site. With a single ping, it will let search engines update about latest content into the blog. Some search engines include Weblogs, Newsgator, Blog Digger, My Yahoo, Collecta, and more.
3. SERanking: Based on Internet tracking reports, this tool will help you in tracking your website keywords in different search engines. It will track your website content, grammatical errors, and backlinks. It is a cost-effective tool that will give you solutions for all type of business models.
4. BuzzSumo: One of the most valuable tools used by SEO Services India to find content or blogs being shared across different domains. With its automated alerts, you can also get recent content updates. It will help you to develop smart content strategies and identify which content is performing well in a specific niche.
5. GTMetrix: This tool is used to analyze the website speed of your homepage. It has a lot of features and options that can help you to get all the details to optimize your website by showing you the exact files and methods that need to be optimized.
6. SEO Quake: Along with helping you in optimizing your website this tool will also provide recommendations that you need to implement on your website. It is a toolbar added to the browser you are using and it will show backlinks, keywords, social media shares and many more details of the website that are needed to improve.
7. Screaming Frog: It is a desktop program which you need to install on your system. It fetches key onsite elements of your website. It allows you to manage data by filtering SEO issues and makes it fit in the excel sheet.
8. Google Trends: This tool will provide you real time searches which will help you to find out what is popular in Google searches. It is really helpful in blogging that will keep you updated with Google’s search market trends.
9. WayBack Machine: This is a very helpful tool when you want to know how website used to look like a decade ago.
10. Google Analytics: This tool will help you to track and report your website traffic. You can also track online campaigns, landing page quality and conversions and almost 75% Best SEO Companies India use google analytics.
11. SERPs Rank Checker: This tool is used to check and monitor the website ranking either by entering your keyword or by entering url of your website.
12. SEO Site Checkup: It is useful for checking and improving your web pages by running a fast audit of your website. It checks all the SEO tags and checks common errors that can affect your website.
Did we miss any another tool that you think is useful and used by Best SEO Companies India? Do let us know in comments.


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