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Painting the Bedroom: Wake up your Private Retreat with Colors

A bedroom is not just a place to sleep at the end of the day. It is your private retreat away from the world of stressthat makes you ready for the challenges ahead. But, if the bedroom doesn’t provide you with peace and tranquility, it is time for a makeover. Instead of costly bedroom renovation, you can simply paint it because colors have an impact on your mood. They have the power to relax and rejuvenate you instantly.

Bedroom Painting Project: The Walls say much more!

In a bedroom, the most important feature is the bed. But, you should not ignore the walls. They are the first things that you will notice after waking up and the last ones before sleeping. For a peaceful sleep, you need to choose a color that creates a relaxing atmosphere.

Usually, blue and green hues are ideal for creating a calm ambience. But, it is your bedroom and you should decide the outcome of the painting project. What is your end goal? If you want luxury and sophistication, shades of gold can work wonders. You can create a sultry mood in the bedroom with warm colors such as red and brown. If you are interesting in a relaxing private space, white can be your color of choice. Selecting bright oranges and yellows can make your living space cheery.

How to make the Color work for the Bedroom?

You may choose a high-quality paint color after thorough research. But, you may not get the desired result. Simply choosing an expensive paint at the local home improvement store is not the only reason behind stunning bedroom painting results. Here are a few smart ways for waking up the walls of your bedroom and making them livelier than before:

• The Story of Size

The size of the bedroom has an impact on the overall painting result. If your bedroom is very small, avoid using dark shades as the primary color. If you love reds, browns and blacks, incorporate them smartly in the form of posters, furniture, tapestry, etc. Choosing the right paint color according to the size of a room can turn your bedroom beautiful and create an illusion of space.

• The Current Theme controls your Decision

If you are undertaking a complete makeover for the bedroom, the sky is the limit for you. But, if you are simply painting the room and keeping the furniture as it is, you must consider it before choosing the colors. The color of your choice should match the current décor of the bedroom. So, if you have black furniture in the bedroom, choose a lighter shade that complements it.

• A Personal Touch to your Private Retreat

Painting the bedroom doesn’t mean applying multiple of coats of paint to the walls. You can accessorize the walls and add your personal touch to them. Consider installing wallpaper to complete the look of the bedroom. You can even think of painting the bedroom in patterns. Solid colors are not the only option with you. You can choose traditional and elegant small patterns or go for the bold bright geometric shapes. Also, murals are a popular trend among homeowners and you can have one in your bedroom.

Painting the bedroom in your home is a personal thing. In order to brighten up the walls, you must spend time in choosing the perfect colors for your bedroom. Consider the pros and cons of choosing a color and make a smart decision because once you paint the bedroom, it is going to stay the same for several years.

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