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Join Private Day Tours in Nepal with Nepal Tour Guide Team

If you are seeking for an insightful vacation enriched with full of art, history and nature, Private Day Tour in Nepal might be the best option. From adventurous Mountain Heli Tour to Kathmandu Sightseeing Tour to beaten-off experience at semi-rural village, private tour in Nepal fascinates every travel seekers. This is also a customized tour in Nepal that might be a recreational tour after your previous tour and travel in Nepal.
Private Tour in Nepal is also famous as family tour which is always insightful and rewarding. From elderly people to children or physically constrained people, anyone can join in this private tour in Nepal and make it a life-changing experience.
Following are the best customized private tour in Nepal that allows you explore a lot in relatively less time period.
Chandragiri Cable Car Tour

Located just Seven Kilometer from Thankot south-west of Kathmandu, Chandragiri Cable Car Tour is probably the best private day tour in Nepal located so close to the valley. After long day hectic schedule or strenuous trekking in Remote Mountain, people often visit Chandragiri hilltop to enjoy the tranquility, mountain panorama and fascinating view of the city.

If you are new to Nepal, you must accompany private guide to learn as much as possible. Consult guide agency in Kathmandu for the best private guide in Nepal.

Everest Heli Tour

Another best private day tour in Nepal, Everest Heli Tour is life-time experience that allows the close view of gigantic Everest; seriously amazing. Everest Heli Tour is ideal for those who are not content with long day hiking and constrained by time frame. Even children and elderly people can enjoy this private tour in Nepal and make it a life time experience.

Bhaktapur Day Tour

Yet another best private day tour in Nepal, Bhaktapur tour is ideal for cultural and historical enthusiastic. With expert private guide in Nepal, enjoy the enthralling culture and historical values that holds at every shrine and monument you visit. Changunarayan and Bhatkapur Darbar Square are recorded as the UNESCO designated world heritage site in Nepal.

With your local-multilingual private guide in Nepal, enjoy the numerous temples and pagodas dedicated to gods and goddess plus museum, monuments and palaces. In fact, the whole city is itself an open museum for the travelers.

Apart from these, Sankhu to Nagarkot Hike, Experience Everest Flight, and Cultural Dinner in Kathmandu are also some of the best customized tour in Nepal.
Feel free to make any trip inquiry with Mr. Kumar Dahal who is the owner and founder of Nepal Tour Guide Team Company. He is one of the best private tour guide in Nepal with years of experience in Nepal Tourism Industry.


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