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Explore The Best Of Annapurna Base Camp

Annapurna Base Camp (ABC) trek is one of the finest places to trek in Nepal & it’s all about that attraction for the mountains. But there is so much more than just the clear mountains all through the ABC trek that must keep your eyes wide open & feet on your toes. Alongside mountains, you’ll be escorted by the delightful Gurungs, lush-green plantations, and Himalayan creatures. Listed below are some of the things that’ll make your Annapurna Base Camp trek a trip to remember for many years. So, don’t miss out on them.

Witness ABC during full-moon:

The base-camp is your ultimate reward for selecting this trek & every painful limb will shout “it is worth it!” once you arrive at the Colosseum of mountains. You’ll be enclosed by these enormous giants & you might discover it tough to keep your mouth close. Jaw-dropping sights are absolutely common here. And during an ABC trek in full moon the mountain glow up wonderfully and you will want to capture them in your camera for sure.

Watching Hawk migration from ABC:

ABC here denotes to the Australian Base Camp instead of the famous Annapurna Base Camp. From late October-November, about 500 raptors largely eagles move westward every day. And if the mountain climate has turned out to be a bit adverse, you’ll have these birds flying at your eye level. Bring your camera to shoot these amazing birds. Also, don’t forget to live the moment.

Panoramic mountain vista from Poonhill:

The panoramic view from the zenith of the Poonhill is just superb. This 1 hour stride visit from Ghorepani will take visitors to the entrance of the mountains & you’ll be able to witness more than one mountain ranges from that single site. All the leading mountains: Annapurna, Dhaulagiri to name many will pose just for you to inhale in the picturesque view.


Ghandruk is an splendorous & a clean Gurung village with picture-perfect Gurung homes waiting to greet you their abode. Slare roofed homes alongside paddy fileds with stunning mountain panoramas in the backdrop lend a pleasing character to the village that’s at the same time homely and majestic. It is an ideal village to take rest & breathe in fresh air and refresh yourself for trekking again. In this village you can even wear dress like a Gurung if you want to come home with some fascinating memories.

Whether you choose Annaurna Base Camp Trek, Everest Base Camp trek or Manaslu Circuit Trek you are going to be amused that for sure.


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