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Things to Keep In Mind For A Comfortable Yet Adventurous Tour In Nepal

Nepal is the ultimate travel destination of any outdoor enthusiasts. Its whitewater is simply unmatched, there’re hundred miles of single tracks, it is home to the most popular mountains in the planet, and the people live here are very friendly in terms nature and hospitality.
If Kathmandu is in your Nepal travel itinerary, check out these below mentioned tips to make your tour in Nepal a smooth affair:

Know how to stay healthy:

In Nepal there is a real opportunity that you fall sick. Everybody gets sick (even locals), but this should not restrict you from touring Nepal. A simple preventing method is taking activated charcoal, which soaks in poison. I also employed a great deal of sanitizer, which can be carried easily in your pocket anywhere you go. When you get sick, it is good to have antibiotics on hand.

Water purification:

Well, Water is no doubt one of the most common agents of illness in Nepal, but there’re several ways to ensure your drinking water is free of germ. Bottled waters look like the best alternative, but thrown away bottles incorporate to the nation’s increasing issue with pollution. Instead carry purification drops, like diluted bleach solution.

Eating in Nepal:

Most people in Nepal eat with their right hand, rather than using a fork. When you eat at a restaurant, you’ll usually be offered a fork, but it speaks volumes if you use your hand instead. In addition to being more efficient, eating with your hand shows that you’re respectful of the tradition. I won’t lie, the first time I ate with my hand was a challenge, mostly because it’s so taboo in America. But once I got used to it, I never asked for a fork again.

Be flexible:

Regardless of where you are traveling, this is the most important advice to keep in mind. But this is applied especially in Nepal, where the climate reigns & things take longer than anticipation. During my tour I met a guy who spent 8 continuous days in the terminals, waiting for a flight to Lukla that just kept getting rescheduled. Things never go as planned in the country of Nepal, but that is what makes it a real adventure.

Last but not the least always consider Nepal package tour offered by a reliable tour operator, because package tours come with all the facilities you need to explore Nepal in the best possible manner. There are also many tour operators that are offering cheap Neal tour as a whole package. You must take advantage of such offerings.


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