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Red Member from Sunburn: Valuable Tips

In many cases, a red member is a sign of male organ health, indicating a generous blood flow to the organ in question. In other cases, it can mean the opposite, perhaps signaling the presence of an infection. And sometimes, that red member may be due to sunburn, especially if the possessor of said male organ has paid a visit to a clothing optional beach recently. So what can a guy do to help keep his manhood from getting a nasty sunburn while flaunting it on the beach or at a nudist resort? And when that sunburn is unavoidable, what steps does he need to take to get his equipment back in order?

• Sunscreen. This is pretty basic, but if a man intends to expose his member to the sun, he needs to apply sunscreen to protect it. He also needs to re-apply it when necessary, such as after going swimming. Even when not swimming, reapplication is recommended after two hours. It’s also wise to use a sunscreen for sensitive skin, and one not loaded with excess chemicals or fragrances that could cause a reaction in manhood skin. (And avoid getting any sunscreen inside the urethral opening, as that can cause a stinging sensation, which is not pleasant.) What if no sunscreen is available? This is not as effective, but spreading a layer of mud over the member can help to block the sun’s rays from doing as much damage.

• Avoid the sun. It’s also useful for male clothing optional sunbathers to hide the member away from the sun for a while. Rolling over and sunbathing the back is one easy way, but those who seek a deeper frontal tan can simply drape a towel over the manhood for a while. Going for a swim can in some cases provide more protection, but be aware that if the water is clear, sometimes it can make already strong sunlight even stronger.

Preventing a red member from sunburn is the best course of action, but what can a guy do if his manhood still ends up burnt despite his best efforts?

• Treat it right. Sunburned skin will heal on its own, but most guys want to take steps to help it along. This not only hastens the healing process but can help avoid or minimize unattractive peeling and flaking of manhood skin. Generously and regularly apply aloe vera (but keep it from entering the urethral opening) to help heal, as well as a high quality male organ health crème. In addition, try adding ice (wrapped in a dishtowel) or a cold compress to the area. Avoid any direct ice-to-skin contact, and don’t leave it on for too long. Also, stay well hydrated by drinking plenty of water so the skin can get the moisture it needs.

• Go loose. Tight, constricting underwear is the last thing a guy wants on his sunburned member. Opt for light cotton boxers (not briefs or boxer briefs), and wear trousers that don’t cling tightly. It may not allow a guy to show off his physique, but it’s worth it to feel more comfortable.

• See a doctor. Rarely, sunburn will be so bad that it requires a doctor’s attention. A badly blistered member may need extra attention to ensure no infection arises.

When a sunburn causes a nasty red member, it helps if a man is already regularly using a top rate male organ health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). If he’s not doing so already, he should find one with a combination of both a high-end emollient (such as Shea butter) and a natural moisturizer (such as vitamin E). These hydrating agents help with the healing process and increase the moisture content the manhood is seeking. It also helps if the crème contains vitamin D, often called the “miracle vitamin” because of its role in fighting diseases and supporting healthy cellular function.

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