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How To Measure Your Bangle Size

Isn’t there something so charming and inherently Indian about wearing gold bangles and diamond bangles? They make a classic statement and are every woman’s must-have. You don’t need a host of bangles, you just need that one signature pair that is equal parts stunning, as it is handy. We say handy because bangles can virtually complete any outfit and put an end to your accessorizing woes. And now that Rockrush gives you the option of buying bangles online, there’s nothing stopping you. Except, maybe, the sizing. While we give you the option of downloading our printable sizing chart, we’re breaking down for you how exactly to measure your bangle size.

There are two ways- one with the circumference and one with the diameter.

1. Circumference

a. You’ll need a piece of paper/ thread and a ruler.

b. Start by joining the tip of your little finger to the tip of your thumb and brings your other fingers closer to them.

c. Use the strip or paper or thread to measure the widest part of your hand in this position and make a mark where the thread meets.

d. Then measure this strip of paper against the ruler and use this table to help you determine your Indian size.

2. Diameter

a. You’ll need a bangle that you already own (and fits you well) and a ruler.

b. Place the bangle on the ruler.

c. Measure the inside diameter of the bangle using the ruler.

d. Compare the ruler value against the chart.

Measuring bangles doesn’t have to be cumbersome, and owning them just got easier. Don’t be shy to buy bangles online anymore. Do you have any unconventional ways to measure your bangle size? Measure your bangle size and buy different bangles designs from Rockrush. Share with us in the comments below.


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By: Shrikrishna Sawant

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