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Difference between Traditional cPanel Cron Job Backup and Jetbackup

All your hard work and investment to build your business is dependent on the reliability and trustworthiness of your website. As a website owner, it is really important to have a complete and recent backup of your website. There are many options to perform the backup of your website’s data. cPanel provides a powerful Full Backup feature. Of course, you can create a full website backup with cPanel’s Full Backup option easily but it is not completely automated.

If you have a dynamic website (Like E-commerce) your website’s content would change regularly. It will be irritating to login into your cPanel each time just to take a backup. cPanel allows you to backup your data automatically using cron jobs. You can set up Cron jobs on your cPanel account easily. It allows you to automate certain commands or scripts to run at a specific time at a specified interval. cPanel Backup Script helps to backup your cPanel data.

This is the traditional backup method. Now, Let us see about the super-efficient JetBackup for WHM cPanel backup. It has many more features than the normal cPanel backup. Let us see them one by one.

• Incremental Remote Backups
• Hourly Backups
• Multiple Destinations Supported
• Single File Restore
• Includes WHMCS Module to Sell Backups
• Jobs Per Reseller/Package
• Self Restores
• Backup Job Rating
• Multiple Remote Destinations
• Create and Run Multiple
• Backup Jobs Simultaneously
• Native Cloud Linux Support
• Sell Backup Services and much more

Using JetBackup you can backup your WHM cPanel data more efficiently. After your first full backup, future backups will only take up space from changed files. You can schedule as many backups as you want to multiple supported backup destinations including Dropbox, remote SSH, Amazon S3, remote FTP and local backups. You can Restore Backup WHM and cPanel databases, files, emails, cron jobs, etc. with a touch of a button. Self Restore GUI for WHM and cPanel users. You can sell your backup products. We can easily create backup products for your clients using the Jet Backup Manager WHMCS module.

JetApps offers many web solutions to make a better hosting experience. JetBackup and JetClone are the popular solutions of them. Their 24/7 customer support is very famous among the customers. JetBackup is a leading Backup Solution for cPanel. You can get Jet Backup as low as $ 3.95 Per Month. JetBackup offers FREE 10-Day Trial. No Credit Card Required. It will take just a few minutes to install. The price will be reduced for the bulk purchase, please contact our sales team today. To know more about cPanel Backup Crons, please visit our website HERE:


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