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8 Basic Manhood Protection Hacks

All dudes should take manhood protection seriously. After all, a guy has only one member and it has to last him a lifetime. That’s why paying special attention to male organ health makes so much sense. So with that in mind, below are several manhood protection hacks – many of them common sense in nature – that guys need to be sure to follow.

1. Don’t skip the jock. Sure, a jock strap can be very uncomfortable. That’s the point, bro. It’s supposed to gather up the manhood and sacks and squish them together. That creates protection that makes it more difficult for them to fall prey to a fastball from a pitcher or a kick – inadvertent or on purpose – from a linebacker. Even amateur athletes should suffer the inconvenience and wear a jock when getting into heavy contact sports.

2. Wear a rubber protective device. As male organ hacks go, this one is pretty obvious. Forget for the moment about the role a rubber protective device can play in preventing an unwanted pregnancy; focus on what unprotected sensual activity can do to a dude’s member. One study looked at 245 couples in which one member of each couple was infected with HIV. Of the 123 couples that used protective devices every time, there were no new infections. Of the 122 that did not use them every time, there were 12 newly infected partners. Rubber protective devices cannot provide foolproof protection; for example, when a social disease is transmitted through sores or ulcers, a lot depends on where the lesion is located and whether the device fully covers it. But not using a rubber protective device increases the risk of transmission significantly.

3. Wear real barrier protection. Sure, DIY hacks are all the rage now – but not where rubber protective devices are concerned. Balloons, plastic bags and plastic wrap are no substitute for reliably manufactured rubber protective devices which are specifically designed for manhood protection. A DIY protective device is simply asking for trouble.

4. Drink water. Proper hydration helps in the prevention of many manhood-related issues, including kidney stones, urinary tract infections, member rashes and dry manhood skin. It also has an impact on the health and quantity of male seed.

5. Release seed frequently. Whether via self-stimulation or partner sensual activity, seed release helps to keep the manhood in good health – and, according to some studies, also reduces the risk of prostate disorders later in life.

6. But watch the death grip. Often men self-pleasure with a grip that is too tight – and that can, over time, lead to a loss of sensation in the member. Which may cause a man to grip it even tighter. Which makes it even less sensitive. It’s a vicious cycle a man wants to avoid.

7. Avoid harsh chemicals. Because manhood odor can be a big problem, many men resort to using soaps or shampoos with heavy scents. But strong chemicals and fragrances can do damage to manhood skin, which is especially delicate.

8. Use a dependable male organ health crème. This is one of the most important manhood protection hacks, and one that is easy to follow. Regularly apply a first rate male organ health crème (health professionals recommend Man1 Man Oil, which is clinically proven mild and safe for skin). Men who have experienced some loss of member sensitivity (due to death grip self-stimulation or other reasons) want to be sure the crème includes L-carnitine, which is neuroprotective and can help to restore loss of sensation in the manhood. The best crèmes also help repair damaged manhood skin, especially when lack of hydration is responsible. Look for a crème with both a high-end emollient (like Shea butter) and a natural moisturizing agent (vitamin E is good). Daily use of the proper male organ health crème can make a big difference.

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