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Start Your Own Radio Station with Radio Automation Software

Do you have a passion for music? If so, why not share it with the masses by starting your own professional online radio station? Radio automation software SAM Broadcaster PRO gives you the tools you need to help you master your skills and operate an online radio station. With its user-friendly features and intuitive interface, there is no steep learning curve involved either. In fact, there is nothing stopping you from getting your very first online radio station on the air in a matter of minutes. Winner of no less than 21 prestigious awards, SAM Broadcaster PRO now powers more than 200,000 online radio stations across at least 150 countries. It has undeniably become one of the industry leaders in such broadcasting software. Furthermore, all customers will also be able to enjoy free updates for an entire year.

Ideal for Both Amateurs and Professionals

If you're looking for radio automation software that offers professional features without the big learning curve, then SAM Broadcaster PRO has what you need. It is also accessible to the masses thanks to its ease of use and full documentation. Included are many special effects that can help you set up unique radio stations with your own branding. Special features include the ability to customize your radio stations using a wide variety of effects, such as a cross fader, volume equalizer, 5-band compressor, gap eliminator and more. You can also create playlists with many different formats, including MP3PRO, AAC, AAC Plus, OGG, Windows Media and all the common formats like MP3. The program also supports several different streaming services, including Cheapest Stream, Icecast, Windows Media and Shoutcast.

Get Your First Radio Station Up and Running in Minutes

SAM Broadcaster PRO is built to save you time by giving you everything you need to implement your online radio stations in just a few minutes. Using the included website widgets, you can add you new radio station to your website right away without any coding necessary. All you need to do is copy and paste the code into your website where you want the radio player to appear. Furthermore, the widget is fully customizable, and it does much more than just display the track name. In fact, you can also let your visitors browse through your playlists or even your entire media library. SAM Broadcaster PRO also includes some useful social elements, such as the ability to let your listeners rate songs, vote for them and request songs directly. On your end, you'll have wealth of useful statistics at your disposal too, including listener numbers, playback history and more.

SAM Broadcaster PRO has recently been updated to version 2018.2. This update features various improvements, including memory leak fixes, better redirect support inside HTTP library and the ability to enable/disable redirect support or set limits.

The radio automation software is ideal for anyone wanting to start their own radio stations, either for money or out of a hobby. It provides the full range of features and functions for a one-time fee of $299, which also includes all updates for a year. Find out more by visiting


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