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5 Most Common Reasons for Female Hair Loss

Hair loss is a common problem in men and women but for women, it is more difficult to cope with this situation. There are a lot of men who are bald and living a normal life with confidence. Maybe, they feel sad because of baldness but it does not go to the extreme level. On the other hand, women, because of hair loss, feel more stressed due to the social belief that women do not look beautiful without hairs. Therefore, a lot of female patients visit the Avenues clinic for hair loss treatment in Ahmedabad and it seems quite natural. After all, they want a permanent solution to hair loss.

As mentioned above, female feel more stressed due to the belief of society that women looks odd if they do not have hair. therefore, women are common victims of depression, anxiety, and self-consciousness due to the occurrence of severe hair loss and thinning of hair. So, a proper treatment for the females is required as soon as possible. Before the treatment, it is necessary to find the root cause of the problem.

Here we are providing a list of five major reasons that may cause severe hair loss or thinning of hair.

1. Your Diet:

If you are facing severe hair loss, the reason may be hidden in your diet habits. Are you having a nutrient-rich diet? Several nutrients like vitamins, minerals, Zinc, and protein are essential for the health of the hair and if your food is devoid of these nutrients, your body will provide the benefits of nutrients to the vital organs of the body and hairs will be avoided because your hairs are not vital for the life. As a result, you may start severe hair loss.

Many women aspire to have a perfect body shape and for this purpose, they start dieting without the help of a health or diet expert. The results are the same in this condition and you may face severe hair loss.

2.Medical Conditions:

There are several medical conditions that may cause severe hair loss. generally, the women face hair loss after giving birth to a baby due to hormonal fluctuations. Women may face hair loss due to iron deficiency that is an obvious reason because of the menstruation cycle. If this cycle is disturbed, the condition may be more severe. Hypothyroidism and hyperthyroidism may lead to severe hair loss.


If you are very stressed, your body may respond to the stressed state of mind and you may see the reaction in the form of sudden hair loss. stress also raises androgen, the male hormone and this condition may increase the chances of severe hair loss.

4. Hair Care:

Like the other parts of your body, your hair needs special treatment if you want to keep it healthy for a long time. you have to follow certain rules when you wash, dry or conditions your hairs. If you are ignorant of such rules, hair loss may take place.


Age is an important factor and for women, they are more likely to have hair loss when they are about to enter menopause. As our body grow, our hairs also get affected and hair fall may take place as a result.

As you see, there are several causes of hair loss in women and only an expert may detect the root cause and treat the problem. therefore, you need a clinic for hair treatment in Ahmedabad the Avenues clinic is an ideal place because of qualified experts and advanced facilities.


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