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5 Ways To Prevent Hair Loss In Winter

Winter is the favorite season for most of the people because of various reasons but for the patients of hair loss.
Moreover, people having healthy hair also have to be cautious to face the bad impacts of winter hair loss. During the winter season, many patients visit the Avenues Clinic for the Best Hair Transplant in Ahmedabad and they are treated with the best options if they are experiencing genetic hair loss. However, the patients facing seasonal hair loss can be cured with the help of lifestyle changes and medicines.
Generally, the people lose more hair in the comparison of other seasons because, during the winters, most of the hairs on the head are in the resting phase. Apart from this reason, harsh weather conditions are also responsible for hair loss in winter. In winters, generally, the skin is dry. Therefore, the people experience a dry scalp and dull hairs in the winters. A dry scalp may lead to the occurrence of dandruff and itchy scalp.
You may see that several reasons are responsible for hair loss in winter and you have to cope with these severe conditions.
We have some considerable tips that you may use to prevent seasonal hair loss.
Let us see!
Oil Massage:
In winter, oil massage can be a soothing experience for the people. Massaging the scalp is very relaxing because it improves the flow of blood in the scalp. Oil is a good condition that makes things better for the dry scalp. Apart from these benefits oil work as a nutrient for the hair follicles and scalp, providing vitamins, fatty acids etc. You may use almond oil, mustard oil, or coconut oil for massaging.
Shampooing and Conditioning:
In winters, shampooing or conditioning needs a great care. Generally, the scalp is dry in winters and using a shampoo more than required can be harmful to your dry scalp and hairs. Use a mild shampoo on the alternate days and do not forget to condition your hairs. If your scalp is oily, you have to condition your hair wisely.
Protecting The Scalp:
Cold air and fog may damage your hair follicles and if the day is sunny, sunlight is also harmful to your scalp. It is the best idea if you avoid going outside or if you have to go urgently, use a cap or scarf to cover your hair.
Your Diet And Health:
Have a healthy diet in winters to keep your body healthy and fit. Keep your scalp hydrated by drinking plenty of water. General health conditions may affect the health of the scalp and hair. So, if your body is healthy, your hairs will be healthy as well.
Avoid Over-Styling Your Hair:
Styling tools and the heat produced by these tools are not good for your hair follicles. Thus, it is better you to say goodbye to the styling tools during the winter season.
If you cannot control the severe conditions, come to the Avenues Clinic for Ahmedabad Hair Transplant because it is possible the reasons for hair loss are genetic and you are not able to recognize the initial signs.


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