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How to Recover Lost Hard Drive Partitions

When you buy a new computer and launch Windows for the first time, chances are you will notice that there are multiple drives appearing in the File Explorer. Even if there aren't, additional drives usually appear in the more advanced Disk Management utility, which are hidden from the normal file system. However, most computers only come with one drive in them, or perhaps a combination of a solid-state drive and a conventional hard drive for mass storage. What you are actually seeing is a hard drive partition, in which the drive is logically split up into two or more partitions with each one acting much like a separate physical drive. This introduces some important advantages, with the most common being having a smaller partition for backing up factory-default software. This is something most computer manufacturers do as standard. Another clear advantage of partitioning your hard drive is that it allows you to better organize your files or create entire backup images.

Unfortunately, hard drive partitioning isn't fool-proof, particularly when it comes to backing up your data. For example, if the hard drive itself fails, then you will lose all partitions, since all data is stored on the same physical drive. Another significant risk involves tampering with the disk settings, such as by using the Disk Management utility. Do the wrong thing, and you can accidentally delete a partition, and all the data on it will disappear as well. There are always the factors that are beyond your control as well, such as failing hardware and attacks from malware. What you need is a backup plan if everything else fails and you have no copy of your files safely stored elsewhere. Fortunately, even if a partition has been deleted or formatted, there is still a quick and simple way to get back what you have lost in most cases. This is where data recovery software comes in, and LSoft Technologies has the perfect solution available for you.

Recovering Files, the Easy Way, with Active@ Partition Recovery

If you have accidentally deleted a partition, formatted your hard drive or fallen victim to a hardware failure or malware attack, then there's no need to panic just yet. With Active@ Partition Recovery, you can run a quick scan of the affected drive to see if there is any recoverable data. In the vast majority of cases, data is easy to recover, especially if you haven't made any further modifications to the file system since. That's because, until data is finally overwritten, it should be possible to get everything back intact. Sometimes, that takes many months or even years, depending on how you use your computer.

What's New in Active@ Partition Recovery v. 18?

Version 18 of Active@ Partition Recovery makes it easier to search for a wider variety of recoverable files by adding support for extensions like ONE, PUB, IBD, FRM, MYI, VDI and BCDB. Program stability is also improved, and the Ultimate version provides a new Easy Mode for recovery and the latest editions of LiveCD, Boot Disk and File Recovery. Get started at


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