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10 Fun Facts About Charles Darwin

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1. Darwin was born on identical day as President Abraham Lincoln.

Both Darwin and Lincoln were born on February 12, 1809, however in a lot of totally different settings. whereas America’s sixteenth president was born in a very rude cabin within the American state geographic region, Darwin was born associate degree exceedingly|in a very} grand Georgian house on an estate commanding the Severn River and therefore the medieval town of Shrewsbury, England.

2. He waited over twenty years to publish his groundbreaking theory on evolution.

Darwin’s five-year voyage round the world on HMS hound, that led to 1836, provided him with valuable analysis that contributed to the event of his theory of evolution and action. Concerned, however, concerning the general public and ecclesiastic acceptance of his deeply radical plan, he didn’t gift his theory on evolution till 1858 once he created a joint announcement with British naturalist king Russel Wallace, UN agency was getting ready to go public with an identical thought to Darwin’s. succeeding year, Darwin printed his seminal work, “The Origin of Species by suggests that of action.”

3. Darwin suffered from chronic diseases.

After getting back from his trip round the world, Darwin began to suffer from exhaustion, disease of the skin and chronic bouts of nausea, headaches and heart palpitations that will persist for the remainder of his life. Some speculate that in his travels Darwin might have contractile a parasitic sickness referred to as Chagas unwellness that may eventually end in internal organ injury, that ultimately caused Darwin’s death.

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4. He composed a pro/con list to make a decision on whether or not to marry.

Displaying a logical inclination even in matters of the guts, Darwin in 1838 composed a listing with 2 columns delineating the upsides and drawbacks of wedding. within the “Marry” column: “children,” “constant companion (and friend in previous age)…better than a dog anyhow” and “someone to require care of house.” within the “Not Marry” ledger: “freedom to travel wherever one likable,” “conversation of clever men at clubs” and “loss of your time.” Not on Darwin’s list, however, were family ties for he married his relation Emma Wedgwood in 1839.

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