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Mount Abu: A tour to The Hill Station

Mount Abu town is the only Hill Station in the Aravalli Range. It is situated in the Sirohi district of Rajasthan near the border of Gujarat. It is located at an elevation of 1,220m(4,003ft.). It has been a popular retreat from the heat of Rajasthan and Gujarat for centuries. The highest peak of Mont Abu is Guru Shikar at 1,722m(5,650ft.) above the sea level. The Abu Parvat is referred as “an oasis in the dessert” as its height are home to rivers, lakes, waterfalls and evergreen forests.
The Mount Abu is one of the most beautiful Hill stations in India and is a major tourist attraction place in Rajasthan. It is one of the places in Rajasthan which you should visit if you go to Rajasthan, it is among one of the places which attracts large number of tourists.

Places to visit in Mount Abu: -
1.Nakki Lake
The Nakki Lake is one of the most romantic spots in Mount Abu. The lake has its link to the mythologies of Hindu religion. It is the first manmade lake in India with a depth of around 11,000 metres. The Nakki Lake is located in the centre of hill station, the lake is surrounded by lush greenery, mountains and strangely shaped rocks. It is a perfect place for nature lovers and photography fiends. The lake is the best place for an early morning or evening picnic. Near the lake there are a lot of tracking spots where you can have a relaxed stroll amidst serene nature or a challenging track.

2.Dilwara temple
The temple is located in the lush green Aravalli hills in Mount Abu. The Dilwara temple is one of the most beautiful pilgrimage sites for the Jains. It is designed by Vastupal Tejpal and built by Vimal Shah between 11th and 13th century. The Dilwara temple is renowned for the opulent use of marble and intricate carvings on every hook and corner. The temple looks quite austere from outside, but as you enter in the temple you will go head over hills with the stunning designs patterns carved on roofs. walls, archways, and pillars. The Dilwara temple includes five equally beguiling temples namely- Vimal Vasahi, Luna Vasahi, Pittalhar, Parshavanatha and Mahaveer Swami Temple dedicated to Lord Adinath, Lord Rishabhdeo, Lord Neminath, Lord Mahveer Swami and Lord Parshavantha respectively.
3. Guru Shikhar
The highest point on the Aravalli hill is Guru Shikhar, lies about 15 km from Mount is the highest point of the Mount Abu. The height of the peak is 1722 metres from the sea level and it promises breath-taking view of the Aravalli range and Mount Abu. Guru Shikhar translate to “The peak of the Guru” and was named after Guru Dattatreya who is believed to have resided on the peak during his days as a monk.
When visited during October and November, the weather gets more cloudier and mistier. At the top of Guru Shikhar there is an age-old bell with the words ‘1411 AD’ inscribed on it. Ringing the bell after hiking all the way to the peak is an age-old bell is like announcing your achievement to the valley of Mount Abu. The sound of the bell chimes long and far.
4.Sunset Point
A destination is not complete without the sunset point, and Mount Abu is not an exception. The outlandish view of the rugged Aravalli ranges, sun kissed by the radiating rays of the setting sun is what draws scores of tourists to this picturesque location near the famous Nakki lake. It is a perfect picnic spot as one can admire the magic of the coloured sky as sun sets, painted in hues of red and orange, contrary to the rich greenery of the Aravalli range in the background.
The climate also makes it familiar to enjoy the sunset from the Mount Abu in peace without any pressure and noise of the city. The sunset point in the Mount Abu is protected by railings and has staircases build for the people to sit and soak in the tranquillity.
5.Honeymoon Point
The Honeymoon Point in Mount Abu is located at an elevation of 4000ft, offers an exquisite view of the setting sun painting the sky yellow and red. It is also known as Anadara point, this scenic location is considered an ideal spot to unwind after a long day of travel and sightseeing. The beauty lies in the backdrop of gorgeous Nakki Lake and the old Gateway to Mount Abu. This picturesque place is perfect just not for capture the sun shining at a distance but also to feel the brush of air while gazing at the endless horizon.
These are some of the major places to visit in Mount Abu for experiencing an adventures trip to the Hill station. There are many more places to visit in Mount Abu to visit. You can visit Trevor’s Park, Toad Rock, Achlagarh Village, Mount Aby Wildlife Sanctuary, Arbuda Devi Temple. Universal Peace Hall and many more places. One can contact to our travel agency in Udaipur, we Sarthi travels provides one of the best touring packages to Mount Abu. We also provide Udaipur to Mount Abu taxi services, so you can book your taxi from our agrncy.

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