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How to Use SEO to Drive Effective Marketing Strategies

Today’s marketing departments are equipped with resources and tools more than ever, they are trying each and every trick in the sleeves, all possible combinations of traditional and modern digital mediums to get the desired outcomes.

In addition to the expensive outbound marketing campaigns, companies are investing heavily in organic search, content marketing and inbound marketing. This calls for a collaborative approach between SEO teams and marketing teams keeping the mutual KPI’s as target. But as required with any collaboration approach, this transition requires continuous communication, planning, coordination among team members, defined processes and regular evaluation of the outcomes to improvise accordingly.

Hurdles in Efficient Collaboration and its Mitigation

Though the collaboration of two cross functional teams is difficult, it’s not impossible. In order to mitigate associated risks, it is necessary to integrate the day to day activities of SEO and Marketing teams with sufficient transparency to make sure everyone knows everyone else’s daily activities.

Some of the commonly identified hurdles in the effective collaboration are:

Communication gaps
Absence of continuous evaluation
Lack of technology adoption
Absence of results monitoring
Clearly defined objectives
Process streamlining and team coordination won’t be possible if there isn’t continuous communication among the teams. Clearly defined objectives help the team members to understand their roles and responsibilities at every stage and help to inspire active participation in the projects.

Another hurdle in successful collaboration is the lack of technology adoption, readily available digital collaboration tools are essential for effective modern marketing strategies.

Defined Practices to Drive Results

Culture of collaboration is not new and it doesn’t have to be backbreaking if processes are defined and detailed out properly. As the objective of SEO and marketing teams is the same, given the right tools SEO can drive the results for marketing department and vice versa.

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Collaborative tools are readily available and are easy to use, implementing them can help SEO and marketing teams work together and conduct day to day operations effectively. These tools can also help the teams to create and run campaigns in real time, break the projects in small tasks and delegate them with other team members. This will also allow the teams to identify the pain-points and improvise accordingly.

Effective collaboration also creates the shared sense of expertise and responsibility with each individual team member understanding their efforts and its role in the outcome.

Impact on the Top Line

Success of the collaborative SEO and Marketing initiatives can be tied to the impact on business’ top line and positive buzz about the brand. As more than 90% of the traffic is attracted by first page results, any other page ranking is just futile.

Increase in the ranking of the brand from its previous position and increased traffic to the website can be considered as a beacon that these collaborative efforts are showing results.

Interdisciplinary strategies

Marketing teams and SEO teams need to be complimentary to each other with aim at fulfilling the objectives. With ever increasing competition, the marketing strategies of the future are going to be more comprehensive and interdisciplinary, and organizations who will manage the multi-functional collaboration effectively will find themselves in much better position than their competitors.

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