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5 Proven Tips to Become a Successful Sunglasses Distributor

Sunglasses are the most common fashion accessory. It comes in a variety of shapes, sizes, and colors. It also protects our eyes from harmful UV rays. It is a highly demanded fashion accessory during summer season.

Nowadays, sunglasses is a fashion frenzy. The fashion community witness new trends every year! Many people are amassed at a local dollar store to buy their favorite sunglasses. Besides, you can not expect a layman to purchase Prada or Gucci sunglasses.

You can cash in a good chunk of money by selling this fashion accessory. With basic sale skills, you can become a successful sunglasses distributor! But how to begin? From where should I buy sunglasses in bulk? Shall I connect to the manufacturer? If you are new to this business, such queries are quite common. With proper instructions and steps you can become a successful sunglasses distributor.

Let's explore these tips one-by-one

Register your business enterprise

If you are going to start your business online or offline, register your business enterprise first. Apply for a local business license from a local county or parish government agency. If you have a limited or corporation companies, be wise and register your business entity. Also, open your business bank account.

Learn everything about sunglasses

You can find a wide variety of sunglasses. Furthermore, there are different types of lenses and rims which should be studied thoroughly. It is recommended to study about Ray-ban as they are the largest sunglasses enterprise in the world. Collect and learn all the required information.

Find a sunglasses supplier or distributor wholesale

After understanding about the product, find a wholesale sunglasses distributor or manufacturer. Such distributors sell sunglasses in bulk and offer different varieties of colors and styles.
Before buying sunglasses wholesale, research about a particular distributor. Get their reviews online or request a sample to check their product.

Chalk out a business plan

Size doesn't matter when it comes to business. If you are going big or small, prepare a proper business plan. It might involve a business mission, target market for goods or service, business facilities, tools, equipment, etc. For beginners, it is important to identify specific start-up tasks and actions required.


It is impossible to start a business without investment. Road to a successful sunglasses supplier starts with minimum investment. However, if you are short on funds, there are other alternatives to finance the business. You can seek many venture capital investors and business loan providers for the initial investment.

Price the product

After purchasing the sunglasses wholesale, price them accordingly. Make sure to price it so as to gain enough profits. While pricing a product consider manufacturer price, shipping and delivery taxes, etc.

Promote your product

Now it's time to promote your product as much as possible. If you are running your business online, use social media platforms like Instagram or Facebook to promote sunglasses. For offline vendors, use flyers and business cards to promote your business.


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