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3 Essential Growth Hacking Strategies For Startups

Congratulations! You have finally launched your product and you’re now ready to go after customers! Well, hopefully, you have some by this point if you executed awesome pre-launch strategy.
‌In the life of a startup, this particular phase is the toughest.
‌You need to move from the phase of start-up launch to the phase of building something which has strong market demand.
‌Getting customers, early adopters, feedback is important for the ongoing development of the product.
‌Do not think that you need to get everything, right now. You simply need to add building blocks together and then achieve the end goal.
‌Now, we are going to look at what you need to do in order to grow your start-up. How can you get to that point as early as possible?

‌Following are some essential growth hacking strategies for startups, which various growth hacking agency also follows -

1. Must Have A Clearly Defined Goal.

This particular topic is always talked about. we people always have one single goal that we wanted to achieve – make enough revenue to support us full time.

Having a clear unique goal allows us to break things down into small achievable micro goals.
Following are a few things which should be discussed and planned:-
No. of customers in a week.
No. of emails to be sent.
No. of meetings to be held.
In case if we add some new feature,
No. of people to which it will be exposed.
If we link with some new provider, will it have any effect on marketing
If a piece of content is paying us off, then how much time should we invest in it.
Also, the things we must do every year in order to increase users.

2. Leverage Your Pre-Launch List

The first thing you need to kick-start is to leverage the list you built in the months before launch or the so-called pre-launch phase.

There is a number of awesome things you can do with a list of people who are already interested in your product or service.

You should already have an idea of what you want to do, it can be a simple announcement email with a call like Apple.

But, you can do so much more stuff, which can be impactful and effective. Remember, most of us aren’t Apple so we often need more incentive to notice us than a pretty image and a simple buy now button.

Give your pre-launch users a special offer which they can’t refuse.

Or give them the same deal but with extra features or limits (for being awesome), this way you can drive more recurring revenue.

Build a campaign in which you can get these users to refer friends.

Send swag or shout-out to those users who mention you on their blogs or social media.

Build a huge competition between your customers/followers to win some of your products.

Create a Facebook custom audience, then target lookalikes with ads.

Send actionable emails that show them how to use your product.

3. Do Things That Don’t Scale

In the early days, you should be very focused on getting those first people using your those first customers who are paying you money. Things mostly don’t take off by themselves. You, the founder needs to do things that don’t scale to give your product the best chance of a long life.

At this point, you should also consider if you are chasing the dream of becoming a forever company.

This is extremely hard work. If you’ve put a lot of effort into your pre-launch then this first step gets easier, but if you haven’t then you need to literally do things that don’t scale.

What are actually the things that don’t scale? Typically it’s those things that founders will need to do again and again that can’t be automated.

A fantastic example of this is Tinder when Tinder was first trying to get people to use their app. They held exclusive parties at colleges in the USA, with one condition only it was that– you must have downloaded the Tinder app.

This idea thinks outside the normal realms, but it’s not something that’s scalable. It requires hard work, good planning and execution.

There are only two types of people that are truly important in any company. Someone who makes something and someone who sells it.

- What Are Some Things That Don’t Scale?

Cold email and call your potential customers (I know you think that's not cool, but it gives results)

Contact the press, if possible.

Give your product to people for free, but in return tell them to promote it.

Have many many meetings. Also, meet investors and your partners. Make sure your team is the best

Organise parties

Perform user testing.

Giveaway gifts, etc short, do something that gets you publicity
Also, provide support to the people doing the same things as you.

Find people who are talking about or using competing products and chat with them. Find out the details that set your product apart from the market.

Listen to all these people and use it to improve your product.

Reach out to some key influencers that are seen using other social media platforms.

The key is to make it relevant and useful for them. You need to provide value.

Influencers get lots of emails every day from people trying to use their reach to help themselves, so, email them.

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