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How To Be Satisfied In Life?

There is no curated answer to this question but there is every possibility you can curate your life.

Being satisfied or unsatisfied depends on how intense your ambitions in life are. It is like an appetite. While some can gorge on the food some just nibble. Unfortunately being satisfied or not is often subject to comparison with another’s goal and achievement. What works for someone might not be right for you. Satisfaction is personal. The problem is it rests in your perception and thus largely sacrosanct. There is no unanimous definition of satisfaction. The connotation varies according to your life goals and your perception about life in totality. But to be truly satisfied or to just compromise with a life which you didn’t want is where you need to make a decision. Carefully choose what beliefs you allow to shape your identity, environment, relationships and well-being. First things first!

1. Make the Choice

You need to make a choice whether to let go of your goals which you have harboured internally or start walking towards it. This is about you and not to do with the external environment. Once you take a firm decision rest of the things will start falling into place. Muster the courage and be determined to go after it in spite of all impediments. There is no secret to this it’s all about having a goal, nurturing it, planning and taking the leap. It is important to look inwards and bring clarity in what you truly aspire for and how you want to accomplish them instead of nurturing limiting beliefs that bring you nothing but regret.

2. Know your goal

You are born unique and special. There is no second type of you. You are packaged with all the tools. You just need to assemble them. Hold yourself together, learn to question yourself and understand what you really love. Don’t borrow someone else’s goal. Trying to be someone else is a sure path to getting lost. If you do, no permutation combination is going to unlock the vault of happiness for you. Because the secret ingredients are special to the other person. Realize your worth and uphold the choices that uphold it.

3. Plan for it

This will help you sail through the slack period. You need to cover yourself Before you start getting returns. Things wouldn’t change overnight. With every possibility, it will change for worse initially. Be ready to handle it. Keep hitting the ground hard and you will get over this. When you see the sunshine across the horizon just bath in it. That’s what you call satisfaction. You evolve as a winner in all respect.

4. Integrity is Imperative

Only accomplishing wouldn’t make you that happy you. You need to see what paths you tread to reach there. There’s no price for integrity.No shortcuts no compromise whatsoever. You have the required skills, so start using them before they rust. Moreover, you can’t make it too far on borrowed life. Don’t let your conscience question you.

5. Nurture Relationships

It’s true the journey is only yours but you can’t leave those who have helped you reach here. Stay connected.Reciprocate.Don’t go far away from love, care and affection. This will ensure you during the days of your struggle. Value and nurture family and relationships. After all, you need somebody to celebrate success with.

6. Stop Complaining

Be contented with what you have until you carry out your heart’s desire. Complaining doesn’t help much. It’s like a black hole. You slip in more into darkness when you struggle to come out of it. You need to do what you should do to change the current affair of things. Brooding would take you nowhere but push you into a world of confusion. You end up entangled and struggling to break free. So act with all the zeal. Being content with what you have will help you push through the intermediate stage.

7. Be Consistent

Use the intermediate period between no success to success judiciously. There might be enough reasons not wanting to do what you are doing now but you need to cling on to the one reason which is going to transform your life. Because if you give up, all you will earn back is regret and trust me it is not worth a company. Keep calm and sail through. Persistence is the key. Every time your dart fails to hit the goal it makes you repeat thereby perfecting your aim. You need the itinerary before you start to travel. Use this intermediary stage to prepare it.

Being satisfied is a choice. It is a result of the belief you hold and the decisions you take that show in your action.


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