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3 Reasons Why Email Marketing Still Rules Lead Generation

Email marketing has been around for years and has repeatedly proved its dependency in engaging audience and generating qualified leads. Even with rise of trends of exciting engagement tactics, email marketing has remained answer of reaching out to your target audience. One of the important reason being that it is a highest ROI marketing channel compared to all the available mediums and tactics.

Over the time, the popularity of email marketing increased and resulted into overflowing inboxes with emails sent from hundreds of thousands of companies to sell their products or services. Subsequently, laws that enabled the customers to unsubscribe became important aspect of the email marketing campaigns and restraints were levied on sending mass emails. Still, 90% of the marketers use email as primary channel for generating leads and it shows the highest customer acquisition rate.

Let’s see some of the important reasons why email marketing is still one of the important medium for qualified lead generation.

Precise Segmentation of the Prospects

With hundreds of thousands of companies using email marketing for generating business, people’s inboxes are overflowing and most of them fail to get their attention because of the irrelevant or poorly customized content.

Prospect profiling done for email marketing allows marketers to segment their target audience and derive details for engaging and customized content.

Some of the prospect profiling characteristics include:

Type of company
Employee strength
Job Title or function and many more.
So if you are trying to engage Chief Technology Officer (CTO) audience, sending generic technology roadmap content is not enough and it just doesn’t engage the prospects. Instead to achieve this objective you need to focus on industry, company size and its needs. Proper segmentation gives you a chance to customize your content and create tailor made communication system for your prospects.

Email marketing gives you the opportunity to leverage this intel about your prospects and engage them for positive discussion which no other marketing channel provides.

Cost Effective

Emails help your businesses grow without any cost for prints, postage or advertising, they are completely free. With phenomenally low cost (mainly includes compensations for the employed resources) it generates multi-fold returns on every penny spent during the campaigns.

Even it does not requires expensive subscriptions of the advanced automation tools or CRM’s as Outlook integration is sufficient to get the tasks done. It makes sure that your email has reached to the right prospects and is sufficient to initiate the positive discussions with your target customers and ultimately acquire the customers.

Higher Visibility

Marketing and communication mediums like social media, PPC or display ads, telemarketing or any other such tactics, offers limited content visibility and vanishes once your budget is exhausted. Country to this, your email always remains in your prospect’s inbox and he/she can go and see it whenever he is free or has need of your services.

Besides, you can send content in various types (media or text) in order to engage your customers with possible redirection to your website or online communication tools where you can provide sufficient resources to convince your prospect that you are the best in the business.

In brief, email is still one of the best communication medium, it enables content customization backed by detailed research, cost optimization and higher visibility. Building and executing the right strategy with personalized content will make your emails more compelling and target customer attraction. It may be old tactic but remains indispensable and is easy to get started for any type of business.


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