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4 Compelling Reasons to Pursue Linux Training

After Windows, Linux is one of the most popular operating systems. It is an open source that is completely free. It could be the best reason for liking Linux. The OS is more like UNIX. Linux was introduced in 1991. Since then it has been gone through many changes to improve user's experience. Many popular applications Openstack and OpenShift work smoothly on Linux. If you are interested in learning Linux, join AP2V, a leading Linux training in Noida. It imparts comprehensive knowledge of not only Linux but also its related applications.

Open Source Software

We all know how costly a Windows and UNIX like operating systems. Linux is completely free compared to the costly proprietary versions of UNIX. It is available for free in a monetary sense which means anybody can use it without paying a penny. Linux is available to use for any purpose. People can make a copy of the program for personal and business purposes. They can make modifications and sell copies of it for their profits. The program is free in all these senses. Thus, it is called an open-source. The flexibility of the OS makes it a popular choice. It is one of the prime reasons AP2V invites young minds for joining the Linux certification course in Noida and Gurgaon branches.

Customized beyond Imagination

When you compare Linux with MS Windows, Linux can customize to a great extent. Customization can take many forms. Users can customize the desktop course, use other alternatives than Mozilla email, use ICE, XFCE or Gnome if don't like KDE, support graphical or CLI interface, modify some hardware features and tuned the command line to do special operations. Multiple customizable features attract users to learn Linux training in Noida from AP2V. The course of studies covers how to use Linux to get the maximum output.

Popularity Index Growing Year after Year

AP2V is one of the Best Linux training institutes in Noida. Experts of the institute feel that Linux certification will open the door opportunities for youngsters. Linux offers low cost servers that can smoothly run all major web development languages. Cloud computing availbility has increased the demand of Linux. Knowledge of Linux will be an added advantage for a technician. Gradually, it is coming up as the most popular server OS.

A Secure Environment

AP2V invites you for getting Linux administration courses in Noida under the guidance of experts. Live training of the program will let you know how safe the operating system is. Working on Linux doesn't need any antivirus because very little Linux malware exists in the world unlike Windows. Though. Linux is popular among hackers because of its source code. Fortunately, there are lots of tools available that lessen the threat of Linux hacking.


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