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The Ultimate Guide To Facelift Surgery

The facelift is a cosmetic surgical procedure that offers an extra youthful look to the face, by removing the extra skin on the face and also by reshaping the lower half of the face. Face-lift surgery in New York delivers various solutions with the procedure of face lifting majorly like skin tightening, the loose hanging skin around the jawline can be removed, which is also known as "jowls." And the deep cracks around the mouth and nose, and the extra, saggy skin and fat beneath the chin and in the neck can also be removed. This surgery can also tighten the primary tissues and enhance the forehead, cheeks, brows, and eyelids. Thousands of men and had facelift surgery in New York in 2019. Among men, it is the fifth most communal type of aesthetic surgery.

what is facelift surgery?

According to the best facelift surgeon in NYC, Facelift is usually done as an overnight surgical procedure. It can involve local anesthetics and medications or general anesthesia. The procedure of facelift surgery might take 2 to 5 hours, and the patient can ordinarily go home on the same day after surgery. Facelift surgery helps an individual to get rid of excessive facial skin. In traditional facelift surgery, the surgeon makes an opening in front of the ear, ranging up into the hair-scalp behind the ear. To gently pull the skin in an upward, posturize the face into proper shape, and remove the excess skin, the surgeon lifts the skin by removing the deeper facial muscles and fat. This will help in fighting the deeper tissues of the face. A small opening, or cut, can also be made under the chin, to tighten the skin and deeper tissue of the neck. which is also known as a neck lift. The openings are then sutured and possibly stapled. A trench can be positioned under the skin behind the ear for one or two days, to remove the excess fluids and blood. Bandages are also applied.

What to expect facelift surgery in New York?

• Before the facelift surgery, the best plastic surgeon will most importantly review the patient's medical history, like blood pressure, blood clotting, medications, cigarette smoking, drug use, allergies, scarring, and skin condition.
• Then there should be a proper discussion amongst the doctor and patient regarding the procedure of the surgery, the type of anesthesia that will be used, the recovery time, and potential difficulties that can develop.
• The facelift surgeon should also inspect the goals and prospects of the surgery, in accordance with the skin type and bone structure.
New surgical techniques for facelift surgery in New York

Because of the advancement in the technology the new procedures of the facelift surgery are frequently being developed to advance cosmetic surgical techniques. Many of these techniques are prerogative to make recovery easier and faster, but they always have to be a modification of a traditional method.

• Lasers: Sometimes used for a neck-lift process which is also known as laser neck and jaw liposculpture and resurfacing. This procedure is often done under a local anesthetic, through a one-inch opening underneath the chin. The laser is used for melting some of the fat accumulated under the chin and also to tighten the skin.
• Endoscopy: It can be used for face and brow lifts. By using small cameras leads to minor openings. Which leads to less pain to tissues and faster recovery time.
• Liposuction: It can eradicate pivotal accumulations of fat on the face, commonly between the chin and the neck. It can be considered as a part of facelift surgery, or as a separate procedure.
• Mini-facelift: It is considered as a less aggressive procedure that also objectifies to lift the sagging skin in the lower part of the face and reduce the wrinkles. As it includes a minor, s-shaped incision around the ear. Recovery and scars may be shorter than in a traditional facelift.


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