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5 Best Magento Extensions to boost Sales

Own an e-commerce site? Thinking to build one? Or maybe, struggling with the sales?Using Magento is not going to help if there isn’t the right extension to back it up. However, it is not only SEO that is boosted with Magento Expensions. The graph of your sales does too.

Let’s have a look at some of the best Magento Extensions of 2019, which can boost your Business Sales.


What is the most essential aspect of improving your sales? The answer is automation — that of distribution of emails. Omnisend helps you with that. It lets you set up customer lists. In addition, it enables you to utilize multiple channels such as SMS, Facebook Messenger and WhatsApp to automate your Sales Communication.


1. Nice and intuitive interface

2. Analyzes customer behavior

3. Automation and integration with multiple channels

4. Dynamic pop-ups and landing pages

Facebook Pixel

Facebook ads are a must to get new customers and grab the attention of all.

Facebook Pixel is a must-have Magento Extension in this case. It collects user data for those who visit your site. Subsequently, that data is used to market your services and products on their co-branded platform.


Automatic data collection

Monitoring of Facebook pages

Easy export of your services and products to Facebook


If you want to communicate with customers who explore you site, this is the go to Magento Extension for you. It sends a ping message by tracking customer behavior.


1. Fully automatic, saves your time of chatting manually
2. Customization of chat window
3. Reports and Analytics help you get complete access to chat history any time

SEO Suite Ultimate

Magento is by default supplied with SEO support. But what you get out of the box doesn’t always serve you best. Hence, this Magento Extension is mandatory to give your SEO performance a huge fillip.


1. Canonical URLs
2. Improved navigation
3. Easier indexing of products and services


Automatic recommendations are something every customer looks forward to. Nosto is the best option for achieving this. It analyses customer behavior and recommends services/products accordingly.


Customize where to put recommendations
Optimize site performance


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