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How To Hire The Best Drupal Developer?

Some points to be jotted, in order to hire some best Drupal Developers are:

1.1) Be the Developer first!
Well it sounds a bit confusing but is a fact-phrase which says, “In order to to choose the right-king, you should definitely know how to become one.” which basically means, you should be up with enough & deep knowledge of the subject for which you are looking the best-fit for. Here it goes with every aspect, every criterion, every corner of the platform named ‘Drupal’.

1.2) Learn as much as you can:
Try to acquire some knowledge and learn about some skills which are required for several aspects on Drupal like Drupal API, its version, and the Drupal community. There are no fixed steps to learn these aspects, but it’s like the more you go with it the more it makes you careful and active throughout the hiring-process.

1.3) Then make a list of things you need in a Developer:
After giving hype to the above points, some paper-work is must. So just simply write down the requirements you crave for in the upcoming developer (in need). For instance, whether you are looking for the developer, who is proficient in technical architects & QA engineering or the one who is up with pro-grip over UX designing and proper code-base. So go with the list of your requirements for your next developer.

1.4) Initiate the process by Posting your Requirements:
Once you are ready with the list of your requirements, start creating the buzz for the same. You can opt for different job-portals like LinkedIn, Monster, Indeed, etc. Also you can opt for too to hire a talented Drupal professional. From fresher to some most experienced developers (as per your project-requirements), you can get all in one place. You can also add-up the requirement on your career-page of your website.

2.1) Knowledge & Level of Experience:
This is the next big, important, & precise procedure to be followed. After the plotting of your requirements and posts for the same, you will be getting a thick-bunch of appliers i.e. the developers who applied for the profile. Go through the list and match the criterions i.e. check whether their level of knowledge & experience meet your requirements or not and then sort-list the best of the best.

2.2) Some Site-activities & Community-involvements:
Check out the community-involvements and some different site-activities of the candidates. For an instance, You can also check their comments which they ever posted on with the help of the “Track” page. If you find their comments useful & best-suited as per your ideology, it is a good sign that they are pioneers in their fields.
But, the same may not be the case every-time i.e. some developers are not much active in the communities and forums while they are too busy with project-handling, so they hardly take part in these activities. It doesn’t mean that they are lacking somewhere which makes it an exceptional case, so you have to omit this particular criterion and move as per your technical-guts.

2.3) Review the Codes:
This particular step is one of the most vital ones. You can go through the major-changes made (in the code-base) by the selected candidates on the platform. Figure out what kind of changes were made and why, and most importantly verify whether the changes actually worked out or not.
If you are not sound in understanding the code-complexities, you can just check if it is well-organized and clear. Go through different comments of other developers after the changes were made and to get the gist if she/he had written a right piece of code or not.

3.1) Support & Maintenance:
Every Drupal site needs to be updated now & then (as per the requirements). So the developer you select should also be up with these maintenance & support requirements too i.e. post development procedures.

3.2) Effective Communication Skills:
Generally, the employers don’t give importance to this particular-step. But is one of the important steps (criterion) to be followed with i.e. being qualified here means someone who can share and express freely & precisely, so that everyone knows about what he/she is doing in the project. This makes the flow more feasible as well as viable.

3.3) Match the requirements with their personal as well as professional traits and then BOOM!
Considering all the above aspects and matching the requirements with their aspects, knowledge, & skills >>> go for the final selection of the best of the best drupal developers…

There you go with one of the best hinges for hiring your next Drupal Developer for some best results. But as we(AddWeb Solution) always say, “Investments in different platforms/methods, for all your tech-cravings are always subjects to market-risks, choose wisely & live happy. Cheers!”


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