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How to keep Vegetables fresh and Healthy

Why are vegetables important to live a healthy life? We all know about the benefits of eating vegetables daily in our life. Vegetables are the full package of nutrients that are required by our body and mind. People who eat vegetables every day, their body and mind will be active and boost all day long. Vegetables are very low in calories and the water they contain helps to increase the density of vegetables on our plate. People started eating vegetables but people are wondering how they can keep the vegetables fresh for a long time because people are so busy in their hectic schedule, they just brought a veg box in a week and kept it but the freshness of vegetables is gone in just a few days. Today we are going to discuss the vegetable freshness for a long day and will help you to cook and eat healthy food:
We should keep fruits and vegetables in a different place in the refrigerator because it reduces the risk of ripening other fruits and vegetables.
We all know there are so many other varieties of vegetables available out there in the market and this is why every vegetable and their shape and nutrients are mostly different from each other so if we bought carrot, cabbage, broccoli and others should be stored in a plastic bag or in a container of a fridge.
If we bought green leafy vegetables like spinach, etc. It needs to be cleaned by water then placed on the refrigerator because people use pesticides and many other harmful chemicals which are bad for your health or you may fall sick and other serious health problems.
Onions, Potatoes, and tomatoes should be kept in a dry place, not in the refrigerator. If we keep these vegetables in a cool place, it will spoil the taste and flavor of vegetables.

These are the very simple and easy ways to keep your vegetables fresh and healthy eating for you and family.


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