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Guide: How to arrange a massage parlor?

The size of the office should depend on its purpose. The client in the office should feel safe and at ease. If we do wet massage, it should have waiting rooms (min. 5 m2), massage room (min. 12 m2) and toilet with shower and wardrobe (min. 5 m2). If we focus on dry massages and we do not have much investment opportunities we need Prostate Massage Seattle, a place without a shower is enough for us. In the event that we plan to simultaneously massager a larger number of clients, it is worth separating separate massage rooms in order to maintain an intimate atmosphere and a sense of security.

Interior design
The effect of the first impression we should make on our client will be ensured by successful interior arrangement of the office. The room should above all have its own intimate atmosphere. The harmony of friendly, pastel colors, the atmosphere of a safe home is a concept for the successful arrangement of the office. The premises should of course additionally meet sanitary requirements. A quite difficult challenge is the design of a friendly massage room decor that does not have a separate sanitary room. A sink with disinfectants often destroys the private atmosphere of the office and gives it a harsh, unfriendly character. It is worth to use tasteful screens in such situations. The screens can separate the sanitary part and the cloakroom (if we do not have a separate room for this purpose). Sanitary requirements require that the cabinet’s floor and walls are durable, non-absorbent and easy to clean. Floor coverings, paints should be resistant to disinfectants. The toilet (or study if there is no toilet) must have a sink with hot running water, liquid soap and disposable paper towels. The wall in the toilet at least 160 cm high (or in the office around the sink, if there is no toilet) should be easily washable.

Ayurvedic massage – my super power 🙂
According to Ayurveda, massage – whether it will be Ayurvedic or any other massage – plays an important role in maintaining health, beauty and longevity. It is a daily obligatory dinacharya ritual and such an important element of a healthy lifestyle that it is impossible not to devote a separate text to it.

However, I would not like to write about the importance of touch, that the skin is our second brain – because with a million receptors, that massage has a cleansing, modeling, beautifying, rejuvenating effect, nourishes the skin, stimulates the immune system, improves lymph flow and blood circulation, affects the muscles and joints … And not even about the fact that through the skin we can force a lot into the body.

Rather, I would like to share my reflections.

The body is a brilliant, highly complicated machine with many specialized systems, systems and tissues. But man is not only the body, it is also the soul, mind (not to be confused with the brain!), Consciousness, ego … And of course there is something that connects all these elements. This binder is the prana life energy, because it flows both through physical channels in the body (respiratory, circulatory, nervous systems) and nadis – through the channels of energy flow at a more subtle, non-physical level.


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