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10 Walk Benefits For Overall Health And Wellness.

Walking every day affects not only your physical but also your mental well-being. The walk benefits good sleep and a healthy diet can help you avoid the doctor altogether.

Here are 10 walk benefits for overall health and wellness.

1-Decrease your blood pressure

A 2001 study concluded that a 30-minute walk every day significantly decreased the blood pressure in postmenopausal women, Harvard health also advised that walking reduces the risk of stroke in men, Researchers suggest simply walking at a relaxed speed.

2- You might live longer

Want to live a long healthy life? studies show that exercising regularly by going for a walk for at least an hour every day, increases the life expectancy in participants aged 49 to 70 years old.

3-Long walks boost immunity

Going for walks outside can boost your immunity due to the increase of neutrophil and monocytes cells in the body that naturally killed toxins, the benefit of this actually increases if you're walking barefoot on grass, sand or soil.

4-Feel the burn

The body uses energy whenever it does anything, the more you walk, the more glycogen you burn. First from the muscles and then from the liver, as demands increase and finally from fat. To burn off fat you need to walk with supportive shoes for at least an hour three times a week and make sure you're using good breathing techniques.

5- It realigns the body

Walking naturally and correctly should automatically strengthen and stretch your muscles as you stroll, which will leave your body feeling amazing.

6-Reduces stress

Walking outside offers the opportunity to be reflective about the world around you, it can also help take your mind off of your troubling thoughts.

7-Improves your sleep

A study of women ages 50 to 75 who went for hour-long morning walks showed that they were less likely to suffer from insomnia than women who didn't walk every day.

8 -The social benefits

Walking in a group is a healthy social activity that boosts your mood due to the extra oxygen that's being taken in as you breathe more often and also combines the feel-good factor that comes from being in the company of others who share the same interests as you.

9-Slow down mental decline

Researchers believe that walking six miles per week can reduce the risk of Alzheimer's disease and also may slow down brain degeneration and the speed of memory loss.

10- Goodbye allergies

A Thai study showed that walking outside for just 15 minutes every day can actually reduce allergy-related symptoms by up to 70%.


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