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How To Vacuum Your Carpet Properly?

Probably you are vacuuming your carpet from the dust regularly.

You should consider a few hints that would ensure you that carpet cleaned appropriately and it stays in the best condition.

Choose the Right Vacuum
There are many different vacuum cleaners that are available today for anybody and for different purposes. You may find hand-held vacuums, or huge and powerful vacuums, same as small and easy to move models or even robot vacuums. Not all of them are equal, so it is very crucial to choose a vacuum that will sufficiently cover all your needs.

Work On Your Technique
Before starting to vacuum the carpet, check for small objects on the carpet, if there is something big that could cause damage to the vacuum by impairing suction, pick such items by hand. They are toy pieces, coins, paper clips etc.

Don’t Be On Hurry
It can be very attractive to move the vacuum as quickly as you can. You may think that it helps to rush up the process. But it's not enough time for the vacuum to pick up everything deep in the carpet fibers so it cripples the effectiveness of such cleaning. Rather, run the vacuum head slowly, and then drag it back to you. Allow the head to slightly overlapping the area you just cleaned, move steadily on to the next section of carpet, this method covers the loss of power or brush at the end of the vacuum head.

Repeat the process covered above but in a different direction now to achieve the best results, also you can try different directions like south-north or west-east. Such a vacuuming technique is important for monthly cleaning.

Always empty the bag or canister to keep the vacuum power at max.

Try Different Attachments
Most vacuums have variable hose attachments that are designed to help vacuum upholstery, hard-to-reach areas, etc. Thus for effective cleaning use all of the available attachments.

Should you vacuum the new carpet?
Definitely. You can't be sure how long your new carpet was staying in an old dusty warehouse. And you can’t be sure what distances it traveled before getting into your house. Clean it right after you purchased it. Nevertheless, make sure that your vacuum is safe for it.

What happens if you don’t vacuum your carpet?

Carpets get old and worn very fast

Bed bugs spreading

The whole home looks old, dirty and unpleasant

Dust mites that can cause an allergy

Bacteria breeds in carpet fibers

Pet hair, dander, and other particles

We hope this small guide would make you cleaning much more effective and would keep your carpet brand new.


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