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What is Nuance Knowledgebase and How to Seek Help from It?

If you like to sort out things yourself instead of asking for the help, the Nuance Dragon official website has provided various reference sources you might go through.

So, whenever you face a problem that is not unique to you or your system or your software, there is a high possibility that somebody must have asked for the solution to that problem in past itself. So, what you can do it, to explore the Nuance Knowledgebase and find out the prompt solution to that problem.

By this means, you must have got a slight idea of the Nuance Knowledgebase. Well, this is the place where the technical support department note down the solutions to all problems that have occurred in past, so the people can look it up in the future and fix the issues by their own and they won’t need to be worried by roaming here and there in search of the answers.

If you’re also stuck with a common issue in Nuance Dragon NaturallySpeaking and wondering how you can take help from the Nuance Knowledgebase, read further!

First of all, go to the Nuance Official Website and scan the knowledgebase to find solution of the problem you’re facing.

To scan the knowledgebase, follow the below-steps –

Step 1 – Click Support option on the homepage of Nuance website.

Step 2 – Then, click on the Get Support link given under the Dragon NaturallySpeaking box.

Step 3 – Now, scroll down till you reach the center of the page and you’ll see a Search Nuance Knowledgebase prompt box.

Step 4 – In this box, you can type your question and see if any drop-down list with similar suggestion appears.

Step 5 – If not, click on search icon and you’ll get a list of answers sorted date-wise, with the most recent on top.

As there are a thousand of questions and answers posted on the Nuance Knowledgebase, it might be a hectic yet strenuous task for you to find out the relevant answer to your question unless you know that the answer to your query has been posted in last few days.

However, the Nuance Dragon authorities provide an Advanced Search button to help you dig deeper.

Let’s assume if you’re planning on buying a new system or looking forward to upgrading the part of the system you already have; you can check out only the ‘Hardware Compatibility Guide’ on website.

Still, if you couldn’t find whatever you were looking for, call us on toll-free number +1-702-430-6099 and we’ll help you overcome your problem in just a few minutes.


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