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Industrial dining room

To optimize a small interior, we place the living room and the dining room in the same room. Discover our tips for arranging this space well

Interiors are getting smaller and smaller, when you want to have a dining room and a living room, you have to be ingenious. Bringing these two pieces together is a great way to maximize space. But for them to coexist well you need to follow a few tips and tricks. First of all, the traffic must be smooth and easy. This 2 in 1 piece must be functional and its style neat. But how to harmonize the decor? Should we delimit the spaces? We give you some tips!

8 tips for a successful living room

1. Prefer the corner sofa: this sofa is ideal for dividing the dining room from the living room. It is spacious and it makes it easy to create a cocooning lounge area!

2. Think minimalist: when you have two rooms in one, you shouldn't hesitate to sort. Limit decorative accessories and prefer closed storage, so as not to overwhelm the space.

3. Add rugs: under the coffee table, opt for a high pile rug. Under the dining room table, for a natural model. In this way, you easily delimit the two spaces and warm the room.

4. Create a platform: it is a very practical solution, by creating a platform you distinguish the two spaces with style.

5. All in length: the good idea is to install the dining room as an extension of the living room. In a long room, place the sofa in the middle and the dining room table behind.

6. Play with colours: colours are useful for creating different spaces. Paint a living room wall on one and a dining room wall on another.

7. Install storage: low sideboard, openwork bookcase, shelf ... Install storage in the middle of the room to create two spaces.

8. Buy suitable furniture: in a small living room, furniture can quickly take up space. Think of the folding chairs, the extending table, the pull-out coffee table.


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