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Home Decor Trends That Will Rule 2020

It is quite tempting when we think of decorating our room according to the latest trends. Everyone loves to step ahead with their lifestyles in all aspects and, home decor is one of them. It is essential to have a mix of things in your home that pulls you like a magnet towards it when off from work. It wilfully rings those bells in your head, calling you towards your comfort zone. As the season changes, so do trends. There is no escaping from the consistent trends that are evolving as they will chase you, a lifetime even if you don't do the same. As the months, years, and then the decade passes by, we experience new additions, modifications, and innovations towards trends. No matter what your preference lies in a general human behaviour falls more for trends than their choices. From incorporating Victorian prints to solid and elegant ones. From fancy mirrors to those old vintage ones and a simple long one with bulbs on it. From a variety of wall hangings to wall-lamps we are evolving and moving ahead. There are so many more trends that have made its space in this decor world and are a definite charm when put forth in a home, inspiring many people to implement it.
Here is the list of the trends being chased this year:
• Arcs and traditional shapes:
It seems to be a very small aspect but matters a lot. When coming to intricate detailing, some people choose perfection and elegance. Arcs are seen mostly on furniture based decor like sofas, chairs, mirrors, bathtubs, and items like these.
When speaking about traditional space, even though they are less shape-oriented tend to provide a gracious and warm look to the decor. Curves add a special element that seems to look very engaging to the human eye. It makes us feel welcomed and at home. Round mirrors, Curved tables are leading the list of all these items.

• Velvet:
Velvet originated in approximately 2000 BCE in Egypt. Velvet is usually made on a special loom called double cloth. In today's world, velvet is made from synthetic and natural fibres, but it was originally, made from silk. Velvet tends to be ruling the home decors even in 2020 due to its graceful texture and unique colour effect. It provides a very dramatic and soothing look where eyes are difficult to wear off. These beauties are used on pillow covers, ottomans, various kinds of accessories, and enumerable things like this complimenting the look of the home.
• In-house gardens:
Greenery has become a priority-based element that everyone seeks to add in their houses. It is especially for those who reside in flats and small faces where there is no possibility of having a personal garden. A garden makes a huge impact as in when you are around a green environment, it provides you peace and helps you stay quite optimistic. These days people tend to have this liking for in-house plants as you can hang beautiful wall-planters placing the plants inside it. It fulfils the need of staying around a garden and showing off your commendable decor as well.
Abstract art:
Bold colours and shapes provide a good effect on the room and reveal a strong impression of personal style. It is like a playful and free-spirited expression of a person they have an abstract art in their homes or their walls. Abstract art is a bold impression of art with vibrant colours providing a very nice effect and holding up its grace. This form of art has a lot of stories to reveal even in its complexities. It gives a playful look to the room and would capture anyone's sight.
• Wallpapers:
Wallpapers provide a complete look to the room. They are available in different designs and need to be hung on the wall without painting it or anything. It comes with an imprinted texture reaffirming the look of the room and providing a decent statement. Wallpapers have never gone off the hook. They are yet preferred to be the choice of the people around for the decor of their homes.
• Global Patterns:
Fusions are known to be a nomadic pattern. The mixture of various patterns and textures adds a special gloss to the home, making you feel nostalgic about all the places you have been and making you dream about the places you want to visit. Such effects give a very positive effect and keep you happy. If travel comforts you the most this is your go-to design to prompt your walls decoratively.
• Bringing the woods in your home:
As the colours of the landscapes changes during autumn, the berries and barks dominate the look of the season. It provides a beautiful hue to the look of the room and gives it a clean finish.
Another material one can use, giant knitting trends, it helps in creating a happy and cosy home. The autumn season is all about hibernating, therefore, cover yourself with wool chunks knitted in gorgeous layers. You can use Plum colours and Russets to modify your home and change it into a happier one.
Last, but not least, dried flowers play a major role in this season. Placing them in your home by rearranging it as per your will is like finding gold in the mud. They provide a very dusky feel which comforts you quite well and people are quite fond of it.
• Team Retro:
The retro look can never go out of fashion. It is the sassiest and classy look anyone can interpret in their lives by adding them to their homes. It is right now the top-notch preference for people who prefer trends utmost. It is not old instead has quite a reputation and provides a sophisticated look to your home. It can be one of your main choices as people these days are switching from modern to retro. Those elegant chairs with beautiful prints, the carvings, the metallic touches, the gold blooms, garnished copper look with soft-edges, and a neat royal look from the 1920s. You can add them to your rooms by revealing a style statement. Also can use it in your dining rooms by throwing all these colours on the table and chairs as well.

• Japanese essence:
This design has been going on for ages and never failed to impress anyone with its looks. You can show your flamboyant side with this Japanese impression. Japanese design has a minimalistic touch in it with a gracious texture of simplicity. It gives the fusion look ad brings together a great outcome. Your place will feel less uncluttered and more subdues with elegant colours and carvings. In this colour palettes are usually soft like light blue, dull green, mute grey and accents of pink. It provides a breathable environment where one would love to relax.
• Accents of Black:
Black is a colour that never goes out of trend. It has always been the first choice of every young adult. It is known to be a real deal in enhancing the quality of home decor. It provides a strong outlook to a grounding element for contemporary spaces. It fulfils the empty space in a home with just a slight stroke. From black bathtubs to black sinks to black texture on beds to kitchen cabinets being black. This accent can be incorporated on those vibrant walls who are looking for balance in their colours and look. Black looks really good on fridges, countertops, tables. One can play it around with hues of blues, whites, and greys which will add a very impactful look to it. It is the definition of being classic and modern with a bold nature and expression.

A statement decor idea can be a big deal that adds value to your life as well as your room. There are so many home decor trends that are being favoured by people. It is said that "if you wait until you have enough money to decorate and make your home your own, it will never happen. If you wait until you can afford to buy everything new, you are missing the point. It is the old, new, the hand me down, the collected, the worn but loved things in your home that make it your own home a comfortable space to live in. These beautiful lines were said by Stacy Risenmay an amazing housewife and a home decor idealist. They happen to implement it a lot, the ones who are keen on decorating a home. It is suggested that one should keep changing their decor as it gives you a break from the consistent living space and gives you space for creativity and high thinking. The place you live in and how you live in really matters your emotions, soul, and personality as well.
"Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication"- Leonardo da Vinci


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