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Acupuncture Therapy: Treat Migraine the Right Way

According to Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), a person is healthy if his/her body is in a balanced state. The theory finds its basis in the belief that when Qi, the body energy, cannot flow through the meridians, it causes blockages and results in illness and pain.

Acupuncture helps in identifying the imbalance and removing the blockages with the help of acupuncture needles. Acupuncture therapy keeps the energy flow balanced along the meridians and keeps the body healthy. It helps in treating several ailments of the body, and migraine headaches are one of them.

Migraine is a common neurological disorder that involves nerve pathways and brain chemicals. It causes mild to severe pain concentrated on one side of the head. It is much more severe and complicated than common headaches. Migraine attacks can last for several hours rendering the patient helpless. Other than headaches, migraine symptoms may include nausea, vomiting, dizziness, distorted vision, sensitivity to light, etc. It can also cause nasal congestion and tenderness of the scalp.

How does Acupuncture treat Migraine Pain?

Acupuncture divides the body into various acupoints. When the TCM practitioner inserts acupuncture needles, the body releases pain-killing chemicals called endorphins. The process mainly helps to trigger a response and relieves migraines or headaches.

When trained TCM practitioners administer acupuncture therapy, it proves to be very safe to relieve the patient from severe headaches. Acupuncture restores the balance with efficient needle placement. In some cases, the practitioners may prescribe herbal medicines as well.

Depending on the treatment modality, the practitioner may insert sterile acupuncture needles in the arms, legs, back, head and face. The practitioner may make use of a facial acupuncture needle injector, especially when inserting facial acupuncture needles. He/she will leave the acupuncture needles in the skin for several minutes or until the patient feels relaxed. It is important to note that to treat migraines completely, the patient may need to undergo five to eight acupuncture sessions.

What type of Acupuncture Needles is Ideal for treating Migraines?

The choice of acupuncture needles depends on the treatment. There are different types of acupuncture needles available in varying lengths, thicknesses, and styles. It is essential to choose the correct size for the safety of your client.

1. Length

The length of the needles depends on the area of the body. Short acupuncture needles (3-7mm) are ideal for body areas such as the face, hands, ears, or scalp. For example, 7mm facial acupuncture needles are quite popular among TCM practitioners, especially for treating headaches and migraines.

TCM practitioners use medium-length acupuncture needles (13-40mm) for arms, feet, hands, face, lower legs, shoulders, abdomen, and back. They use long needles (50mm and more) for muscular areas such as the buttocks and legs. For example, experts use Seirin J-Type acupuncture needles, and Silverstar N-Type Chinese needles because they are available in different lengths.

2. Thickness

Usually, thinner needles are ideal for patients who are sensitive to piercings. You can use needles in the range of 0.12-0.18mm thickness for ears, scalp, face, and hands. For example, Seirin D-Type acupuncture needles are ideal for body areas with a thinner skin layer.

You can use thicker needles for areas that have extra fat and muscle. For example, Seirin S-Type acupuncture needles, DCB Spring Ten acupuncture needles, and Acupoint E-Type needles are available in varying thicknesses. So, they are helpful for insertion in many areas of the body.

Choose Acupuncture for treating Migraines!

Traditional Chinese Medicine makes use of acupuncture therapy for treating several diseases. Research has shown a reduction in migraine frequency and intensity with the help of effective acupuncture treatment. It is important to note that acupuncture therapy can be effective only when performed by an experienced TCM practitioner with professional-quality acupuncture needles. So, it is imperative to buy premium acupuncture needles for migraine treatment.

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