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5 Innovative Ideas To Decor Your Home

Everyone wants their home to look like a design studio without banishing the comfort and warmth of being home. For that, people have the freedom to create and explore their style while home furnishings. Luckily, options from rustic, modern aesthetic to relaxing vibe décor ideas are available and can be self-made. Initially, customize your home décor to match your unique style and then consider which room they would fit in best. `

Selecting the perfect home décor style are often the most difficult to decide on the process. In that case, one can avoid decision fatigue by having a determined decorative vision in mind. Many of us would throw things away, move furniture, and buy new things to revamp their interiors. However, in most cases, it does not require any drastic rearrangement and dramatic repair processes. All you need to know is a few effortless, simple tricks. The perfect curtain decoration process can add so much to your space. Here we will guide you with the most fascinating five innovative ideas for home décor with curtains.

5 innovative ideas to décor your home with smart drapes:

Curtains are the fundamental decorative element of any home. With the myriad of creative ways, we will help use curtains to create innovative ideas to décor your home. At a baseline, always consider the room atmosphere, functionality, style, and budget before selecting the décor idea. For the baseline, we will help you organize your thoughts with a few simple questions.
1. Do I need a curtain for decoration or functional purposes?
2. Does the room need more light?
3. Should the window treatment blend with wall painting?
4. Should the curtain color add visual treatment to your home décor?
5. What about the functionality of the curtain?

Answering these questions can enlighten your choice while selecting the perfect décor for your home interiors.

1. Mirage of large windows:
Hanging your curtains closer to the ceiling can create an illusion of a possible bigger window. Since dropping them near to the roof will make your room seem much loftier. Purchasing extra-long curtains and allowing them to puddle on the floor for a luxurious feel. Further extending the window treatments to either side can also make your window looks wider without any extra costs. Similarly, adding a long shower curtain close to the ceiling makes the bathroom look more spacious. For long curtains, you can order custom drapes with Alkilani Fabrics. Additionally, prefer patterns with vertical panels that will make your walls look visually elongated.

2. Innovative curtain rods:
Selecting peculiar curtain rods can emphasize the style of the interior and reflect your personality. The decorative rod can employ elegance, and appealing hooks can harbor beautiful patterns with design sculptures. The rods are available in metal, wood, or faux wood material, and you should make sure the rod complements the curtain. Consequently, curtain rods can turn a bland window to match - the current theme of your room and give it a luxurious feel. Recently, Lucite curtain rods are in fashion trend. It is one of the glamorous and fabulous ways to boost the appearance of your window treatment.

3. Creative curtain tiebacks:
A curtain tieback does not need to be a normal one. Break the rules and be innovative while choosing one. The stunning new and innovative curtain holder can add a luxurious accent to your home décor. Further, a fresh and lively curtain tieback can lighten your home without the need for a new curtain set. Using a crystal, agate, or rock for tiebacks can brighten any dark and thick blackout curtains. A bonus point is adding the perfect color and styled accessories as a tieback from everyday objects can reflect your innovative mind. The innovative and creative ties for curtains can make your curtain look more attractive. The accessories include women bracelets and cuffs for men to tye the drapery panels.

4. Fresh curtain pleats:
Curtains have an immense collection of gorgeous inspiration and ideas that add visual interest to your space. The curtain pleats describe how the curtain fabric is gathered, bunched, and fall from the curtain pole. If you want a contemporary and elegant look, you can go with a pencil pleat. The pencil type pleats give - a long and tight fold from the curtain top that offers an elegant look. Next, if having a Victorian or Georgian home type, you can go with Goblet pleat. The pencil type pleats resemble a wine glass at the top and are suitable for high ceilings grand or traditional rooms. For an elegant and effortless style, you can go with a pinch, French or tailored, gathered, and box pleat style.

5. Modern headers and finials:
Curtain rings, eyelets, tab tops, and rod pockets are the few popular curtain header types available. Although there are several choices, we recommend curtain eye rings for a practical and durable solution. The other types include tab top, and rod pocket would preferably add essence to the look than the functionality. Regarding rod finial, there are several options you can choose from with Alkilani Fabrics. Besides, spend time while selecting the creative rod finals - since they harmonize the entire look of your window and home interiors. With a distinct style, rod finials can add sophistication and warmth to your windows. There are different types of rod finials available, including faceted, ball, disc, stud, and more. For being innovative, you can even use a tennis ball as a curtain rod finial.

Wrapping Up:
Have you already splurged on custom drapes, want to settle with some inexpensive yet innovative ideas to revamp your home décor? Then this article must help you with your home décor process, including all the tips and tricks. Still finding home décor to be a tiring process, contact Alkilani Fabrics to get the latest tricks and ideas for enlightening your home without breaking your budget. Our professional home stagers know to hide flaws and strengthen your house's strengths and make it appealing to everyone.


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