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6 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Buy Instagram Followers

Instagram is a major platform for businesses and to establish a strong presence there, they consult Web Development Company in India. But many businesses buy fake followers to show their credibility and reach without realizing how harmful it is for their brands. Digital marketers have already provided many reasons why buying fake followers will not work for any business.

Given below are 6 main reasons why one should not but fake followers on Instagram. These points are well researched and confirmed by many digital marketing experts.

• Instagram Bots
According to a study, Instagram may have more than 100 million bots today which is a large part of its total users. There are many companies out there who have automated the process of creating Instagram bots so that they can then sell these bots as followers. The thing is that bots will not discuss your brand with anyone and won't provide any engagement as they don’t exist in real life.

• Inactive Accounts
Some companies also sell followers that are real accounts. These accounts are managed by users whose only goal is to get followed in return. These accounts might show some engagement in their early stage but they will surely ruin the performance matrix. And that's very obvious. If an account is created only with the vision to endorse or advertise something, it can't provide any leads.

• You'll get the early engagement that tapers off
Purchasing Instagram followers cannot provide long-term profit to you. The followers you buy can only provide you views, likes, and comments but that will be of no use. This is because you won't get any real engagement and it will be impossible to track the performance of your account with fake followers.

• You could hurt your credibility
Having a lot of followers might convince other users to follow you organically, but it's not necessarily.
These followers will probably never like or comment on a post, and once you are caught with fake followers, you will also lose your real audience. In case you have 10000 followers but only 10 likes on your photos, it won't take long to identify what's going on.

• Bought Instagram followers can distort your performance metrics
It is impossible to measure your account performance if most of your followers are fake account. Instagram will not be able to provide you with any stats. How can one measure which post is doing well if every post is liked by fake accounts? In this way, you won't be able to convert your followers into customers.

• Instagram Identifies and Purges Fake Followers
Instagram is very serious about its reputation and therefore, Instagram has updated its terms & conditions to identify and remove fake accounts from its platform. And that's not all, Instagram is also removing likes, follows, or comments that is done by any third-party resource. Therefore, by buying Instagram followers, you are violating Instagram community guidelines.

To establish a presence on Instagram one should create quality content and must apply proven strategies to get engagement. But buying fake followers will surely not work in a long run. Consulting a company that provides Web Development Services in India can also help in planning strategies for Instagram.


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