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Top 7 Most Influential Entrepreneurs Of 2021

The world is changing, and this change is accompanied by global problems that need a better and efficient solution. There are people out there who are quietly noticing these inconsistencies and are using their imagination to provide a solution. Wonder who I am talking about? You guessed it right – Entrepreneurs.

Entrepreneurs are people just like you and me with a difference that they choose to solve global issues with their creative minds. With a clear vision and even clearer focus, these people start their journey on their own and eventually taste success like never before.

But is entrepreneurship so easy?

It's not. In fact, many people who choose this path often go through stress and anxiety. Some of the most successful entrepreneurs have shared their struggles and how they once almost gave up. But the one thing that kept them going is their confidence in their product, and the sheer passion to take it to heights.

Modern-day technological advancements have made it extremely easy for budding entrepreneurs to understand the intricacies of this profession. Various podcasts, YouTube videos, blogs, conferences, e-courses, and what not are solely dedicated to fusing that motivation into someone who is willing to try entrepreneurship. This shows people are actively looking for entrepreneurs and the ways used by them to be successful.

If you too are looking for the best and top entrepreneurs to get the dose of motivation, look no more further. Doesn't matter if it is a business you need help with or a curious mind to know who they are, this list will enlighten you about the people who took the path less chosen and managed to amaze everyone.

1. Erik Bergman
Erik is a successful businessman who managed to earn more than $50 million before he turned 30. He was a co-owner of a marketing company called Catena Media, with which he got some great achievements.

He decides to leave the company soon after, and focus on a new project called It is an Online Casino Affiliate company, but it gives 100% of its profit to charity, focusing on the fight with climate change.

He is also very active on social networks like Instagram, with an audience of more than 450 000 followers, and also has his own podcast called Becoming great.

2. Timothy Armoo
As a prophet of platform changes, brands approach Armoo when they wish to target content at Gen Z. Timothy Armoo, 23, never saw himself as a student, but always a founder. Fanbytes’ expertise on the social platforms used by 13-25-year-olds is their winning card. Armoo is the co-founder and CEO of social media marketing company Fanbytes.

The CEO advocates channeling your focus on the smallest possible market if you wish to stand out in the market. Through his input, his ads typically outperform traditional ads by 4:1. He recognizes that the youth of today will always seek new, alternative platforms to socialize on. This is something Timothy prides himself on: the ability and willingness to adapt to change.

3. Ben Francis

Founding Gymshark, aged 19, in 2012, Ben juggled a hectic lifestyle of academia, working a part-time delivery job, and running a company. By surrounding himself with an incredibly talented team, he was able to build this company into a success.

He preaches that “no great feat was achieved by an individual alone”. His enterprise began by creating his own workout wear when he couldn’t find a design he liked. From studying full-time at university and delivering pizzas nightly to being the founder of the fastest-growing company in the UK in 2016, Ben Francis has proved that he’s a big fish.

On realizing the true potential of this success, he dropped out of university and quit delivering pizzas to focus on his business. After two years of this tiring schedule, Gymshark was achieving annual revenues of around 250,000. Seven years on, the company now turns over 230 million a year.

4. Kofi McCalla

Capitalizing on the ever-growing video platform YouTube, Kofi McCalla began a fashion series known as ‘The Unknown Vlogs’ in 2016. It is for this reason he is a household name within the culture. Nevertheless, to overcome this, he traveled with his friends to these stores, looking and trying on pieces they couldn’t afford.

Being only initially motivated by finding new London spots others could also check out, the accidental influencer has built an enterprise that has collaborated with the likes of Drake and which continues to grow at an accelerating rate. He claims he never meant for it to get this far since his student budget prevented him from accessing the luxury brands he was so interested in. It now boasts over 100 million views. Kofi is recognized as a crucial influencer in menswear and streetwear, elevating the men’s fashion community Hypebeast to a celebrity-like status.

5. Ben Towers

Ben now looks to the worldwide health movement, creating an app to support the next generation with their mental health and support connecting with others. After teaching himself the necessary skills in website design and business, Ben’s company began to grow, employing freelancers while he completed his education. He sought to make the most of every opportunity. At age 11, he started a digital media agency, Towers Design, after a family friend challenged him to make a website.
Ben Towers is universally acknowledged as an entrepreneurial force, and Michael Mercieca, the Former CEO of Young Enterprise, claims his “humble yet passionate approach is refreshing and a testament to the potential of the next generation.”. In 2017, the teenage entrepreneurial titan completed a multimillion-pound merger with Zest the Agency, exiting the company later that year. A prodigal son of an enterprise.

6. Leanne Holder

Her newest chapter, co-owning Vitamin Coffee, came about through identifying and filling a gap in the market. Channeling her passions as a health enthusiast through her entrepreneurial ventures, Leanne Holder, 26, has had explosive success with her enterprises. It remains to be the market leader in its industry, turning-over 300,000 annually and growing.

After her role as Strength and Conditioning Coach was axed, Leanne saw the opportunity to become the entrepreneur she had always dreamt of becoming. It supplies car enthusiasts with detailing products directly to their door. In 2017, whilst also working as a personal trainer, she launched BecauseRacecarBox.

Leanne’s success as a young female entrepreneur shines bright in this typically male-dominated sphere. This company aligns with Leanne’s drive to motivate healthy living. After six months of juggling the two, she committed to her new company. Since buying the business, sales have increased by 110.2%.

7. Jack Kim
Jack Kim is a Seattle teenager that founded Benelab, a search engine that generates donations. Kim had made some search engines in the past and quickly learned the power of a search engine in generating revenue from little traffic. He says the search engine's mission is "to make philanthropy easy and more accessible."

After establishing the "no adults" rule, Kim began recruiting classmates to be part of his "nonprofit organization with a startup vibe" team. Kim is unsure about what will happen to Benelab when he graduates, but his goal is to get the company to $100,000 before high school ends.


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