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How can I Create a Successful Blog and Earn Money from it?

Blogging is a booming profession that has been gaining acceptance world wide. When the marketing industry started companies would hire big stars to advertise their products. Bigger the star more reliable the product. With televisions came in advertisements. And then started the age of internet and websites. Now consumers began considering internet as their own so posting review about brands became a thing. Once the customers began to see how these people amongst them were giving much honest review without being paid then came in the context of relatability. Soon good writers began to make their own websites and started picking their genres of products.
Here are some ways you can earn money from blog:

1) Products Affiliation: A lot of brands send across products to try and then ask you for your honest feedbacks. In order to earn from these products you can put your product links in these blog posts and ask your audience to buy from them. A part of the sales that your audience generates using your code forms a part of your income.
2) Promotion by video: A lot of brands not only pay you for giving product reviews but also for making videos for them. A lot of brands are on a lookout for good video makers and you can earn from them
3) Becoming a Coach: When a profession booms or reaches new heights there always are more people wanting to come into the same profession and hence you can easily become a coach and guide these as well as release e-books or different courses for freelancers
4) Freelancing: A lot of young people start this as a side hustle but pursue this full time since it interests them. Some are content writers, photographers or video makers. You can also start your own business if you have a following base

Thus one can earn a living by being themselves and portraying their life on the internet via their blog and promoting different products.


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