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7 Ways To Make Money From Blog

If you are here to learn some awesome ways to make money by starting a blog, then this article is perfect for you,

In this article, I'm going to share my tips and ways that how I earned $1000 from my blog.

Starting a blog would be a perfect side hustle if you are passionate to write something online. It doesn't matter whether you are studying, a job professional, or a business owner, you can still make money from blogs.

Although, there are hundreds of online business ideas to start but I love to share advice related to starting blogs.

I have seen many people earning good money and are able to make their living through blogs. Possibilities are endless if you have decided to do something.

So, without wasting time let's see what are these ideas.

1. Sell Digital Products from your Blog
This idea is one of my favorites because I have made good revenue by selling Instagram Templates online.

Therefore, I also recommend you to sell digital products and earn money online.

But what kind of digital products are there to sell?

There are multiple types of digital products to sell online like ebooks, templates, printables, planners, etc.

You can easily sell these types of digital products on Etsy and Creative Market.

2. Start an Online Course
The second type of product that you can sell is online courses.

According to recent studies, it has been shown that ed-tech businesses are going to increase by 200% in the coming future.

So, if you have any kind of skill that you can share with others, you can start an online course also.

This would be a good source of revenue for you.

3. Affiliate Marketing
Affiliate marketing is the no.1 choice of earning for many bloggers. Because it gives you a passive source of income means you can make money while you sleep.

There are many affiliate platforms like Amazon, GoDaddy, SiteGround which give decent commissions whenever you make a sale.

Bloggers love affiliate marketing because they don't have to depend on their 9-5 job for earning.

This business idea is also booming these days as people are earning a lot from it.

4. Use Google Adsense to Earn
Another way of earning is to earn from Google Adsense because Google is a trusted site and if you become successful in generating some traffic on your blog then you will be eligible for Adsense.

This is also a great way of generating a passive income for yourself.

5. Accept sponsored posts from companies
Do you know that there lots of companies who will pay you money just for writing good content about them?

These types of posts are called sponsored posts. And if your blog gets decent traffic on a monthly basis, plenty of companies will pay for the privilege of sponsoring a post.

This would be one of the main strategies to make money from your blog.

6. Become a freelance blogger
If you already a blogger for a long time, then you can actually use your blog as one big advertisement to attract clients willing to pay you to blog.

This is actually a pretty good way to make a living for yourself and it's also very popular in some blogging niches.

You can sell your services like web development, social media marketing services, graphic designing, etc.

This would be a profitable way to make money from blogs.

7. Create a podcast
Podcasts are becoming so popular that advertisers are spending a huge amount of their budget on Podcasters.

As much as people love reading your blog posts, they also love to listen to podcasts.

Also, there is a prediction that audios will be the future. So, it is a golden chance for you to start your own podcast and make money from blogging.

Finally, I suggest you to not rely on a single method for earning from the blog but start working step-by-step on all of the above-mentioned ideas

You can make money in different ways but don't forget that it requires a lot of hard work and patience to see any results.

It will not happen overnight, you have to dedicate fully to it.

So, start working form today and make money blogging.


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